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This is a question that might cross your mind if you ever forget your keys and find yourself locked out of your home. It can be a frustrating and stressful situation, especially if you are in a hurry or have no other way to get in. You might think that calling the police is a good option, but is it? Lets dive into the article to learn Can Police Help if Locked Out of House?

In this article, we will explain when and how can police can help if locked out of house. We will also cover some alternative options and tips to prevent future lockouts. Ready to explore the secrets of success? Let’s jump into this article and learn more.

When Can You Get Police Help If You Are Locked Out of Your House?

Circumstance Police Help Police Not Help
You locked yourself out of your house and have no spare key. No, this is not an emergency situation, and the police are not responsible for unlocking doors. Yes, the police will not help you in this case and may advise you to contact a locksmith or a friend who has a spare key.
You locked yourself out of your house and there is a child or a pet inside Yes, this is an emergency situation and the police will respond to your call and try to gain entry to your house. No, the police will not ignore your call and will prioritize your safety and the safety of the child or the pet inside.
You locked yourself out of your house and there is a fire or a gas leak inside Yes, this is an urgent situation and the police will assist you and call the fire department or the gas company to deal with the hazard. No, the police will not leave you alone and will try to prevent the fire or the gas leak from spreading and endangering others.
You locked yourself out of your house and you suspect someone is inside Yes, this is a possible burglary situation and the police will investigate and try to catch the intruder. No, the police will not dismiss your suspicion and will take your report seriously and search your house for any signs of forced entry or theft.

When Can Police Help You with Home Lockouts?

Police officers have many duties, but unlocking doors is not one of them. They are not trained locksmiths, and they have more important tasks to do. A question may arise in your mind how can police help if locked out of house? However, there are some rare situations where they may help you. These situations are:


Sometimes, you may face a situation where someone inside your home is in grave danger, and you are locked out. This could be a child or a person who has a medical condition or a disability that prevents them from unlocking the door. The police may be able to help you in these situations. They may use tools or force to break the door or window and enter your home. They will then try to assist the person in need and call for an ambulance if necessary.

For example: if you lock yourself out of your house and your baby is inside alone, you can call the police to help you. They will try to break the door or window as quickly and safely as possible to reach your baby


If there is a fire or a gas leak in your home, and you have locked your keys inside, the police may break the door or window to stop the damage and save lives.

For example: If you smell gas in your house and you realize you left the stove on, you can call and ask the police to help you. They will try to shut off the gas and ventilate the house to prevent an explosion or a fire.

Non- Emergency:

But if you are locked out of your home because you misplaced or forgot your keys, the police will not help you. This is not an emergency, and they have other priorities to attend to. In this case, you should contact a reliable locksmith to help you get back into your home.

For example: If you lose your keys while shopping and you can’t get into your house, you can call a local locksmith and ask for their service. They will come to your location and unlock your door for a fee.

Why Hiring a Locksmith is a Smarter Idea?

In non-urgent situations, hiring a skilled locksmith is the optimal choice for getting back into your house. Locksmiths are trained experts with the equipment and proficiency to unlock your door without causing harm.

Here are some reasons why hiring a locksmith is preferable to depending on law enforcement for assistance:

Expertise and Equipment:

Locksmiths have the required knowledge and equipment to unlock your door without causing harm to the lock or door frame. They can also recommend the best kind of lock for your house to enhance security and avoid future lockouts. For example, they can suggest installing a deadbolt, a smart lock, or a keyless entry system, depending on your needs and preferences. They can also inspect your existing locks and repair or replace them if needed.


Unlike the police, locksmiths are accessible 24/7 and can reply quickly to your call. This ensures that you won’t be stuck outside your house for long periods, especially during severe weather conditions or late at night. For instance, if you lose your keys during a snowstorm or a power outage, you can count on a locksmith to arrive quickly and safely to 3. help you get back inside. They can also provide you with spare keys or duplicate keys for your convenience.


Although hiring a locksmith will cost you money, it may be more cost-effective than depending on the police. Breaking down a door or window may result in expensive repairs, whereas a locksmith can unlock your door without causing any harm. On the other hand, if you hire a locksmith, you only have to pay for the service fee. You may also save money in the long run by avoiding future lockouts or security breaches.

Legal Implications:

Depending on your authority, calling the police for a non-urgent lockout may be considered an improper use of emergency services. This could potentially result in fines or other legal consequences. By hiring a locksmith, you avoid any potential legal issues. On the other part, if you call a locksmith, you are using a genuine and licensed service that does not interfere with the police’s duties. You also avoid the risk of being mistaken for a housebreaker or gate crasher by the police or your neighbours.

 Video Guide:

Here is a video to educate and clarify that how can police help if locked out of house.

How to Stop Lockouts in the Future?

Being locked out of your home can be a stressful and annoying experience. To prevent this from happening, you should take some proactive steps to ensure that you always have access to your home.


Spare Keys:

One of the simplest ways to avoid lockouts is to have a spare key you can use in case of emergency. You should give a spare key to someone you trust, such as a friend, a family member, or a neighbor who lives close by. This way, you can contact them and get your spare key whenever you need it. This can save you a lot of time and money that you would otherwise spend on hiring a locksmith or breaking into your own home.

Keyless Entry Systems:

Another way to prevent lockouts is to install a keyless entry system, such as a smart lock or an electronic keypad, that does not require physical keys. These systems allow you to enter your home using a code, a fingerprint, or a smartphone, making it impossible to lock yourself out. These systems also offer other benefits, such as increased security, remote access, and convenience.

Develop a Routine:

A third way to prevent lockouts is to develop a routine of checking for your keys every time you leave your home. By consistently following this routine, you will significantly reduce the chances of forgetting or losing your keys. You can also use some tricks to help you remember your keys. Such as attaching them to a keychain, putting them in a specific pocket, or placing them near the door.


A fourth way to prevent lockouts is to invest in a discreet hide-a-key box that can be placed outside your home. This can provide a secure backup option for accessing your home in case of a lockout. However, it is crucial to choose a well-hidden location to prevent unauthorized access to your home. You should also change the location of the hide-a-key box periodically to avoid detection. Some possible locations for hiding your key are under a flower pot, behind a loose brick, or inside a fake rock.

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In summary, this article has explained how police can help if locked out of house? and when you should or should not call them for assistance. We have discussed the problem that one may face involving police in non-emergency issue. Therefore, it is advisable to evaluate the urgency of your lockout problem and only contact the police if you have no other option.

However, to avoid the hassle of dealing with the police and get your lockout issue resolved quickly and safely. You should consider hiring a professional locksmith service in Kansas City. They have the best locksmith services in Kansas City that are reliable, fast, and secure. They have an expert team with great expertise that is available 24/7. We are impressed with their professionalism and expertise.


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