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Locking the keys in the car is especially frustrating when you are in a hurry. Some recent cars use the luxury key fob, touchpad, and remote lock sensors. But what about the millions of unhappy people who are doing car locks and unlocks manually? Fortunately, there are some DIY ways to open the locked car door when desperate. These lockout tricks may sound incredible, but they work. New cars and trucks are difficult to intrude with auto-lock and security systems, but not impossible.

Ways to get in your car

Before you ask a professional, at least try one of these key opening tips. You can call a locksmith in Kansas City, Missouri like Roadside Assistance or Patriot Locksmith at any time. We are a reputable, professional and experienced company offering the best locksmith services in Missouri. To unlock when there is no key, try a shoelace, a car antenna, or a windshield wiper.

9 Ways to Get in the Car When locked out

With a little patience, practice, and even more patience, it is possible to get the key out of the locked car. Here are a few ways to safely enter a locked car.

Method 1. Use shoelaces

It may sound impossible, but if you have one shoelace, you can unlock the car door in a matter of seconds. Remove the shoelace from one shoe (other strings are also possible), tie the slip knot in the middle of it. Then pull the end of the string and tighten it. Hold one of the strings with both hands, pass through the corner of the door of the car, move back and forth so that the knot slides over the doorknob, and put down the strings.

Use shoelaces to get in car

Lower the knot to about the doorknob level, then pull the string to tighten it, lift it up, and unlock the door. You cannot use this method for cars with a side lock mechanism on the door. However, if there’s a knob at the top of the door, as shown in the screenshot above, you have a good chance of successfully using this method.

Method 2. Use a long stick

If you can open the top of the car door even a little, you can unlock the car with a wooden wedge, air wedge and stick. First, grab a wooden wedge and slide it in from the top of the door. Cover around the wedge (preferably plastic) so as not to damage the painting. If you have the potential to do this over and over, invest in a set of wedges, inflatable wedges, and long-reach tools.

Use a long stick to get in locked car

Slide the air wedge next to the wooden wedge, pump in the air and spread the distance between the car and the door. Push the wooden wedge as much as possible until there is a significant gap. Finally, slide the rod from the door gap and carefully unlock the door using the side lock mechanism. If there is no air wedge, it will be okay without it. It is difficult to do it, but it looks easy if you look at the following video.

Method 3. Use coat hangers and slim gyms

One of the most common ways to unlock a car door is to use a DIY slim gym with a wire coat hanger. The principle is the same. This method is suitable for manual lock doors. For automatic locking, see other methods.

Use coat hangers and slim gyms

  1. Use the plier to unwind the coat hanger, one straight, the other to the hook used to pull up the control arm inside the door connected to the lock rod.
  2. Next, slide the hanger between the car window and the weather strip, and lower the hook from the window and the door of the car, about 2 inches down, until it comes near the indoor door handle (where the control arm is usually located). (This position is usually a place with a control arm.)
  3. Rotate the hanger until the hook turns inward to find the control arm. When locked, pull up and the car door opens.

Again, the coat hanger trick can only be used for a specific lock mechanism, usually an old car, so, likely, it cannot be used for a new model car. You can use a coat hanger in a new car, but to unlock it from the inside. You need to plunge the coat hanger between the door and the other part (as in Method 2).

Method 4. Use a wiper

Car wipers can be easily removed, but the method depends on the model. However, any car with a windshield wiper may not need to call a locksmith to open the door of the locked car. First, get rid of the wiper from the visible of the car. If the window is slightly open or you can push the door open, put the wiper in the car.

Use the wiper to grab the key on the chair or press the unlock button next to the door (I tried and succeeded in the video below). You can use anything with the length through the window. But if you are in a hurry and you do not have anything to enter the gap around, a windshield wiper is the best measure.

Method 5. Use spare keys

When you lock your keys in the car and find yourself in a frustrating situation, having a spare key will save you. Spare keys allow you to save valuable time and avoid unnecessary stress when you accidentally leave keys locked in the car. Instead of taking drastic measures such as waiting for a locksmith or breaking a window glass, with spare keys. You can unlock the car quickly without damaging the car.

Use spare keys

Method 6. Lockout Tools

A lockout tool is a commercially available device that helps access the locked keys in the vehicle. These tools are designed to operate the lock mechanism of the car. They provide a quick solution for those who accidentally lock the key inside the vehicle.

car Lockout Tools

Lockout tools can help you access locked cars without causing damage or requiring expensive locksmith services. If an experienced person uses it correctly, it will achieve convenience and cost savings, but if you handle it inappropriately or use it on an incompatible car, there are potential risks.

Method 7. Use antennas

As in the screenshot below, an older model car with a specific style of outer handle may be able to unlock the door from the outside without using anything other than the car antenna.

Use antennas to get in car

Remove the screw of the antenna, operate carefully from the inside of the door handle, and move until the lock starts to shake. Once the connection is confirmed, if the antenna is pushed forward, the door is unlocked.

Method 8. Call the police.

To ensure personal safety and well-being, the involvement of police authorities is critical in certain situations. When it involves locking keys in the car, calling the police is an effective choice. Police officials are educated to address various emergencies and feature the gear and understanding needed to effectively address such conditions.

Call the police if locked out

If you ask the police for help with the key lock in the car, you can expect to respond quickly considering that it is not an emergency. However, response times may vary depending on factors such as location and available resources. It is important to provide accurate information about the current location and potential hazards such. This is important when abnormal weather or a person is trapped in a car.

Method 9. Keyless Entry

Keyless entry systems revolutionize the process of entry into vehicles by leveraging advanced technologies that allow entry into vehicles without conventional keys or physical contact. These systems unlock the car door by combining radio frequency identification (RFID) and electronic signals. The keyless access gadget includes a key fob, a small tool that emits a unique code at startup and a receiver established within the vehicle.

keyless entry

When the key fob is near the car, a signal is sent to the receiver and the door is unlocked. Keyless access systems have blessings in convenience and protection as compared to traditional lock and key systems. There is less risk of damage or wear to the key or key itself. Because physical contact and insertion of the key are unnecessary.

Bonus Method: Call Locksmith

One of the fastest and safest options, when you have an in-locked car key, is to search for a lock in a nearby car and call a professional locksmith or car lock service. Calling a locksmith in Kansas City, Missouri is a wise choice, when faced with the challenge of safely locked car access. Patriot Locksmith retains the information, skills and gear necessary to free up the automobile adequately and efficiently without unfavorable it.

Call Locksmith

It is essential to emphasize the importance of looking for expert help in these conditions. When someone is looking to open a locked automobile without proper schooling can lead to high-priced damage and injuries. Calling professional locksmiths like Patriot Locksmith is the maximum sensible selection when confronted with a lockout situation with keys trapped in the car. Their expertise ensures safe access to vehicles without incurring any damage or additional costs associated with DIY attempts.

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How the car lock mechanism works?

The lock mechanism of the car is an important part of ensuring the safety of the car and the occupant. Modern automobiles typically use a locking system that combines mechanical and electronic types. The main mechanical parts are tumblers in the car door lock cylinder. When the key is plugged into the lock, this tumbler is aligned the lock is turned, and the door is unlocked. Conversely, turning the key in the opposite direction locks the door.

In addition to mechanical locks, many cars are equipped with electronic lock systems. These systems use buttons on remote key fobs and door handles to lock or remove them. When you press the lock button, it sends a signal to the car’s central control unit, which then activates the lock mechanism.

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Video Guidance:

Here is a video guidance for you to know:


Remember that there are some practical solutions to cope with this common dilemma when locking the keys in the car. With spare keys, you can easily solve problems without inconvenience. In addition, by using tools such as slim gyms and coat hangers, another way to unlock a car can be provided. Smartphone apps and keyless entry systems also provide a convenient solution to these situations. On the other hand, Patriot Locksmith is dedicated to understanding this difficult situation, providing fast and reliable professional service. It is our duty helping you regain access to your car.

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