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Vehicle theft is a severe problem affecting hundreds of thousands of car owners internationally. The International Association of Automotive Theft Investigators (IAATI) reported that thieves stole more than five million cars globally in 2023, with a predicted loss of more than $50 billion. Vehicle theft now not simplest causes financial damage, but additionally pose intellectual distress, inconvenience, and safety dangers for victims. Fortunately, there are methods to safeguard the auto from thieves and reduce the chances of turning into a goal. One of the only strategies is to use anti theft devices. There are different types of anti theft devices that are designed to prevent or deter unauthorized right of entry to, movement, and operation of the car.

Types of Anti Theft Devices

To keep away from any large issues, inside the system of set-up, we can suggest you to the tryout installer provider of Patriot Locksmith in Beshor. We offer a first-class service to protect you and your property from theft. Anti theft gadgets can also help you recover your car if it is stolen and reduce your insurance premiums. By reading this guide, you will be able to make well-informed decisions about a way to protect your car with various types of anti-theft devices and enjoy peace of mind.

Types of Anti Theft Devices:

Anti theft gadgets are devices which might be located in or attached to an automobile to prevent or put off a thief from stealing or driving the auto. Unlike security systems, anti-theft devices are a set of gadgets that work together to monitor, hit upon, and warn of vehicle-related fraud, and over breaking window glass, starting doors, and starting engines.

There are three fundamental types of anti theft devices: mechanical, digital, and tractable. Each type has capabilities, features, advantages and drawbacks. Let’s take a closer look at each kind.

Mechanical Anti theft device

Mechanical anti theft devices physically block or restrict the motion or operation of a car or its portions. Usually seen and easy to apply, you can deter thieves by making your vehicle more difficult to steal or force. However, it can be troublesome, tough, or useless if not used effectively or if the thief has equipment and strategies to bypass it.

The maximum not unusual mechanical anti theft devices include:

Steering wheel lock:

A tool to lock the steering wheel so that it does now not turn. It is usually made from metal and has a key or combination lock. It is easy to put in and remove and suits maximum steering wheels. However, they may be cumbersome, heavy, or noisy; they will be disconnected or picked by experienced thieves.

Steering wheel lock

Brake pedal lock:

A device that locks the brake pedal and stops it from being stepped on. It is commonly a product of metallic and has a key or aggregate lock. It is simple to install and cast off and is well-matched with most brake pedals. However, they will be bulky, heavy, noisy, disconnected or picked using skilled thieves.

Brake pedal lock

Wheel lock:

A tool that locks the wheel and forestalls it from rotating. It is typically made of steel and has a key or aggregate lock. It is easy to put in and remove and may be established on most wheels. However, they may be bulky, heavy, or noisy, and if now not used well, they could harm the wheel and tyres.

wheel lock

Hood lock:

A device that locks the hood and stops it from being opened. It is normally a product of metal and has a key or mixture lock. You can put in and take away it easily and mount it on most bonnets. However, it can be bulky, heavy, or noisy; skilled thieves can disconnect or pick it.

Hood lock

Tire desertion:

A device that eliminates tyre air and stops it from rolling. Usually fabricated from plastic or rubber, with valves or spikes. You can install and get rid of it easily and set it up on most tyres. However, thieves can notice, remove, or change it easily and it can damage tyres and rims if you don’t use it accurately.

Electronic anti robbery tool

Electronic anti theft devices use electrical or virtual alerts to prevent or stop thieves from stealing or driving a vehicle. It is typically invisible and works automatically, allowing you to disable or shut off the ignition, gas and energy devices of the car. However, it can be high priced, complicated, and unreliable if now not established and maintained successfully, or if the thief has the abilities and talents to disable it.

The most usual electronic anti theft gadgets include:

Car Alarm:

Car Alarm: A device that emits loud sounds and flashing lighting fixtures while someone enters your vehicle or attempts to turn the engine. It normally works with a faraway manager or sensor to tell you and others about the opportunity for theft. However, they may sound too often, for no purpose, or if people are used to listening to them, causing annoyance, malfunction, or be not noted.

Car Alarm


A tool that stops the automobile from starting without the exact key or code. Immobilizers usually build into automobile ignition, gasoline, and power structures. They let you know the specific chips and transponders in the key, or passwords and fingerprints on the tool. However, breakdowns and thieves can be expensive, complicated, or ineffective if they can clone or bypass the devices and technology.


Kill switch:

A tool that shuts off the electric circuit of a vehicle, making it unmovable. It usually hides under a dashboard, sheet or hood and you can activate it with a transfer, button or remote control. However, it can be risky, inconvenient, or useless if you don’t use it successfully, or a thief finds or disables it.

Kill switch of car

Smart Key:

A device which can unencumber, begin, and forestall a vehicle without the use of a physical key. Usually wireless, with a chip or transponder that communicates with the car. It can also have other capabilities like remote start, panic button, trunk release, etc. However, they can be expensive, fragile, or vulnerable if you lose, break, or hack them.

Faraday bag:

A tool that blocks keys and device indicators and stops thieves from finding or copying them. Fabric or leather with a metal lining or mesh usually makes it. It can attach to most keys and devices and can protect against radio frequency identity (RFID) and relay attacks. However, it may not paint if it’s miles cumbersome, unattractive, or no longer properly closed, or if the signal of the thief is robust.

Faraday bag of car

Tracking Anti theft tool

Tracking anti-theft gadgets uses GPS and cellular phone era to find and recover stolen motors. It is usually small and inconspicuous, permitting you to ship the region, speed and direction of the automobile to the server, website or app. It can also have different functions, such as geofencing, movement alerts, and engine shutdowns. However, while you want a subscription, battery or sign, it could be pricey, complex or restricted.

The most common follow-up anti theft devices consist of:

GPS Tracker:

GPS Tracker is a device that makes use of a worldwide positioning device (GPS) to determine and record the placement of a car. Typically powered by using a car battery or rechargeable battery, it may send records to a server, internet site, or app.

LoJack System:

A tool that uses radio frequency (RF) to communicate with police and recovery teams when someone steals a vehicle. Usually, a consultant can mount and send out a special wire that a police car or helicopter receiver can pick up.

On-Star Service:

A provider that uses mobile phone and satellite TV for PC technology to offer several capabilities and aids. This includes far-flung diagnostics, emergency reaction, street-side help, and theft healing. You can start it with a button or voice command to connect with a live guide or virtual assistant.

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How to Choose the Best Anti-Theft Devices for Your Car

Once the kind of anti-robbery tool and the way it works, you could surprise how to choose the satisfactory one for your car. There is not any single answer to this query:


Anti theft devices range from several bucks to numerous thousand bucks depending on the type, logo, pleasantness and functions. You will want to recall how a lot you could spend to guard your favored car and compare the value and advantages of different alternatives.

Automobile model and features:

Anti-robbery gadgets vary in compatibility and suitability depending on the sort and capabilities of the auto. You need to test the specs and necessities of the anti theft tool. Compare the manufacturer, version, year and trim of your automobile with the one you are interested in.

Parking location and habits:

The effectiveness and convenience of anti theft gadgets depend on where and how you park your automobile. You should bear in mind the frequency and time of parking, the protection and visibility of the parking place, the crime fee and theft chance for your region, and many others.

Personal possibilities and desires:

Anti theft devices will have several outcomes and impacts on individual comfort and pride. You need to not forget your alternatives and desires, consisting of ease of use, splendor, reliability, and anti theft gadget guarantees.

Based on those elements, you may slim your choice and pick the maximum suitable anti-robbery device for your car and yourself. You also can integrate exclusive forms of anti-theft devices to provide layered and complete safety on your vehicle. For instance, you can use handle locks, immobilizers, and GPS trackers to save you, deter, and get better theft. You can also use car alarms, kill switches, and OnStar services to alert, disable, and help in case of robbery.

Video Guidance:

Here is a video guidance for you about the best anti theft devices:


In the ending, we will suggest you to choose one of best types of anti theft devices Vehicle theft is an acute distress disturbing millions of vehicle proprietors around the world. They may additionally cause financial damage, emotional misery, inconvenience, or protection dangers. But there are approaches to armor your automobile from thieves and decrease your probability of becoming a target. One of the only methods is to use anti-theft gadgets. Anti-theft devices prevent or deter unauthorized entry, movement, and operation of the vehicle. We hope this guide is helpful and informative. If you have any questions or query about types of anti theft devices and the services, please feel free to contact us. Patriot Locksmith will provide the best anti theft devices in Kansas City.

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