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Window keeper alternative is a commonplace and vital renovation project for homeowners who need to keep windows in good circumstance and keep away from potential problems. Window keeper is a small but critical element for window fittings that helps stabilize and align window sashes to the body. In conjunction with the window lock, ensure that the window is nicely closed and locked, preventing suspicious person intrusion, air leakage, and water damage. This manual will let you know everything you want to recognize about window keeper replacement, together with window keeper and lock kind, the way to replace and the way to preserve it.

ultimate guide to window keeper replacement


You could improve the safety, capability and appearance of the window. By following this guide, you can improve the security, functionality and appearance of the window. As we will be discussing about window keeper replacement, maintenance and types. Let’s dive into this guide and explore about how one can strengthen window keeper and lock by replacement and upgrading it.

How to change the window keeper?

Window keeper and lock exchange is a relatively simple and inexpensive DIY project with basic tools and technology. However, make certain to follow the manufacturer’s commands and safety precautions. Here is a fashionable step-by-step manual on how to replace locks with keepers in one-of-a-kind series and types of home windows:

change the window keeper

Check the sort and size of the window keeper and lock:

First, take a look at the sort and size of the window keeper and lock to update. This may be achieved by way of checking the product label, the producer’s internet site, or the authentic bill. Also, please measure the dimensions of the window keeper and lock with a ruler and curling scale so that correct replacement parts are available.

Remove the antique window keeper and lock:

Remove the vintage window keeper and lock from the window. Use a screwdriver or drill to take away the screw that has the keeper fixed. Also, remove garbage and dirt accumulated around with a cloth or brush.

Attach the new window keeper and lock:

Attach the new window keeper and lock to the window. Fasten with the screw attached to the hole and groove of the window frame and sash. Also, make sure that it is tightened horizontally and that it is correctly linked to the window sash.

Adjust window keepers and locks:

Adjust window keepers and locks so that they can be secured perfectly to the sash. To adjust, lose or tighten the screw with the keeper fixed, or use the adjustment screw with some models. Also, open and close the window sash several times, check for gaps, rattles, and deviations, and test the window keeper and lock.

How to maintain lock and window keeper?

Replacement of a lock with a window keeper is not enough to ensure the safety, functionality and appearance of windows. Regular maintenance is also required to prevent wear and tear. Here are some tips on how to maintain window keepers and locks:

maintain lock and window keeper


Window keepers and locks should be cleaned at least once a year, at a higher frequency if exposed to dirt, dust or moisture. The soft cloth contains neutral detergent and water and wipes dirt and garbage on the window keeper and lock. You can also use toothbrushes, cotton swabs and compressed air cans to remove dirt and garbage from the window keeper or lock.


Window keepers or locks should be lubricated at least once a year. Lubricate more frequently if the key is sound, hard, or difficult to operate. Lubricate the movable part of the window keeper or lock with silicon spray, graphite powder, or light oil. Do not use grease, wax or petroleum products because they can make window keepers and locks dirty or damaged. Wipe the extra lubricant from the window keeper or lock after applying it.


Please check the window keeper and lock at least once a year more frequently if it is loose, broken, or broken. Check the position, fit and condition of the window keeper and lock to ensure that it is firmly attached to the window sash and frame. You can also test the operation and performance of window keepers and locks to ensure that window security and sealing are sufficient. If you notice any problems or problems, repair or replace your window keeper or lock as soon as possible.

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Window Keeper and Lock Types

There are diverse types of window keepers and locks in the marketplace, relying on the window collection and style. Here are a number of the maximum commonplace kinds:

Sweep Lock:

The most common kind of window lock mounted on the top or bottom rail of the window sash. Levers and buttons slide into the grooves and holes on the keeper attached to the window frame. The sweep rock is easy to operate and allows the sash to be sealed securely.

sweep lock

Casement lock:

The form of lock used for the casement window that has a hinge at the side and opens outward. Rotate the cam or hook with a manager or knob and insert it into the grooves and holes of the window keeper connected to the window frame or the alternative sash. Casement locks are durable and can reliably lock the sash.

Casement lock

Patio lock:

A large glass door that slides horizontally on the track with a window lock used for patio door sliding patio doors. Latches and bolts interact with the grooves and holes of the window keeper attached to the door frame and the opposite door. The patio door lock is convenient and allows smooth operation of the door sash.

Patio lock

Pros and Cons:

Window keeper and lock kinds have their benefits and drawbacks, and you want to pick the excellent one on your window in step with your needs and options.


Choose the security level of the window that prevents unauthorized access. You need to look for functions such as anti-mischief screws, lifting prevention devices, and key-operated locks.


You need to choose a window keeper and lock that is easy to open and close, smooth and functional. It is good to look for functions such as adjustable keeper, automatic latch lock, easy-to-hold handle, etc.


You need to choose a window keeper and lock to match the appearance of the window and complement the interior design. You need to look for colors, decorative styles, hidden screws, etc. 

How to Strengthen security and privacy?

After one has got window keeper replacement, he or she may also need to upgrade it for better performance. Some would like to enhance not only the maintenance of window keepers and locks but also to achieve better performance and security. Here are some suggestions on how to strengthen window keepers and locks:

Strengthen security and privacy

1. Upgrade:

If your current window keeper or lock is old, unattractive, or does not fit your window type or preferences, we recommend upgrading to a newer and better model. You can choose from a variety of window keepers and locks with more features, features and benefits, such as:

Smart keeper and lock:

You can remotely control a window keeper or lock from a cellphone, tablet or laptop. You can also integrate it with various smart home devices such as cameras, sensors, alarms, thermostats, and more. Smart window keepers and locks can screen, lock and release windows from anywhere at any time, and can also set window schedules and workouts, thus increasing window comfort, security and energy performance.

Decorative keepers and locks:

Various designs, shapes, shades, and substances for window keepers and locks to in-shape window patterns and interiors. Decorative window keepers and locks can decorate the arrival and price of the window, as you can pick out the only one that suits your taste and persona and customize it for your liking.

Reinforced keepers and locks:

Window keepers and locks manufactured from sturdy and sturdy materials consisting of metals, metal and brass.  Resistant to corrosion, rusting and breakage, and withstand greater forces and pressures, keepers and locks for enhanced windows can improve window security and life.

2. Add:

To boost the performance and protection of extra window keepers and locks, you may additionally upload add-ons and devices together with:

Window sensor:

A tool that detects the holes and ultimate of windows and sends alerts and notifications to smartphones, pills, and computer systems. By the use of window sensors, you may hold close the country and motion of the window, activate the lighting, sound the alarm, call the police, etc., so that you can increase the security and protection of the window.

Window bars:

Metal bars established internal or outside the window to prevent windows from beginning or cracking. Prevents intruders, empty nests, and vandals from breaking through windows and unfavorable windows, as a result enhancing window security and protection.

3. Window Film:

A skinny layer of plastic and vinyl at the window glass has numerous outcomes along with:

Privacy Window Film:

Blocks the gaze from the outside and prevents the interior of the window from being peered. Privacy window films can enhance privacy and comfort.

Security Window film:

Enhance window glass to prevent scattering and cracking. Protects the window glass from shock and vandalism, enhancing the protection and durability of the window glass.

Solar Window film:

A window film that reflects or filters daylight to reduce warmth and glare from windows. Solar window movie reduces the temperature and brightness of home windows and save aircon and lighting charges, for that reason increasing the electricity performance and comfort of windows.

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Video Guidance:

Here is a video guidance for you to understand about the replacement of window keeper:


As we know that window keeper plays a role in renovation as well as the home security and privacy. In this guide, we have discussed the process of getting window keeper replacement and enhancing the home’s privacy from any unauthorized person. Following this guide, we were capable of enhancing the safety, functionality, and appearance of windows by using changing window keepers. However, window keepers aren’t worn out and inappropriate and can want to be replaced over the years. This manual introduces the records and strategies required to replace window keepers. In some cases, one cannot manage to sort out these tasks, so avoid these problems. We will suggest taking top advice from our team. And if you live in Missouri, then you can also enjoy our best locksmith services in Kansas.

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