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Over time, workplace drawer locks might also end up free, rusty, clogged, broken, difficult to operate, or useless. You might also want replacement of office drawer lock in case you lose your key, forget your PIN, or need to improve to an extra advanced and handy lock gadget. In such cases, office drawer lock trade is the quality method to restore workplace drawer features and protection. Key trade of office withdrawals is a critical project for folks who want to make sure the security and privacy of documents, valuables and personal objects. The lock to the office drawer can provide the user with a feeling of protection and protection.


Office Drawer Lock replacement

Office drawer lock replacement might also appear like a tough and complicated venture. If you find this process tough, you can contact us for assistance. This guide offers a comprehensive and particular assessment of the steps involved in replacing the office drawer lock. The main reason for this manual is to make sure that the office drawer lock is without problems and properly replaced without damaging drawers or furniture or detrimental to yourself or others.

Remove the old lock from the office drawer

The first step within the lock replacement of office drawer is to remove the old lock from the office drawer. This step depends on the kind of lock, however, usually needs to be removed from the drawer, scraped, punched or cut. It is essential to be cautious while getting rid of antique locks. Because of the fact they may harm drawers and furniture or harm yourself or others. Remove the antique lock from the office drawer in one of the following approaches:

Removing Office Drawer Lock

Remove the screw:

If the vintage lock is connected to the drawer with the screw, this technique is perfect and most secure. Simply loosen and cast off the screw with the lock cylinder and cam fixed to the drawer by using the driving force and pull the lock out of the hole. If the lock cylinder is too tough or rusty, you may need to apply a wrench or pliers to keep and flip the lock cylinder. Also, if the trim coloration or washing machine is interested in the drawer. It could be essential to open it with the use of a hammer and flea.


If the drawer has a lock set up with a nut or clip, casting off the old lock in this manner is a little tough and perilous. Use a hammer, flea, or knife and fabric to scrape the nuts and clips that hold the lock cylinder and cam in the drawer and pull the lock out of the hole. When commencing nuts and clips, it’s far vital to be cautious now not to harm drawers and surrounding furniture, or to cut yourself or others.

Drill holes:

This technique is tougher and greater dangerous while connected to drawers with rivets or pins. Use drill and drill bits or whiskers and blades to drill or reduce the rivets and pins that join the lock cylinder and come to the drawer and pull the lock out of the hollow. You need to be careful when you punch or cut a hole in a rivet or pin. This way, you can avoid damaging the drawer or the furniture around it.


If the lock is embedded inside the drawer or welded, it’s by far the most difficult and perilous way to take away the vintage lock. You need to reduce the metallic surrounding the lock cylinder and Cam. For this, pull the lock out of the hollow with the use of a bow and blade or a grinder and disc. When cutting the metallic, it’s far necessary to pay near interest now not to damage the drawer or the surrounding furnishings. But one should know how to open a deadbolt lock, because it is mostly used and could cause problem in case it become faulty.

Attach a brand-new lock

The subsequent step inside the key trade of office drawers is to attach a new key to the workplace drawer. This step additionally relies upon the form of a lock, however typically locks, inserts, screws, and wires the drawer. When putting in a brand-new lock, it is necessary to do it cautiously and correctly due to the fact it could harm drawers and fixtures and might have an effect on the function and safety of the lock. Here are a few fashionable steps and hints on a way to connect a new lock to a workplace drawer:

Installing Office Drawer Lock


This method is the very best and most secure if the drawer has a lock mounted with a screw. You can lock and unlock the lock cylinder and cam by tightening the screw to the drawer with the driving force and plugging in the key. If the lock cylinder is loose or tight, you may need to apply a wrench or pliers to maintain or flip the lock cylinder. In addition, if the trim colour or washing machine is too large or too small for a hollow, it may be important to use a hammer or flea.


When a lock is attached to the drawer with a nut or clip, it’s far a bit hard and dangerous to open it. Using a hammer, flea, or knife and material, you could lock or liberate drawers. This is done by placing nuts and clips that maintain the lock cylinder and came inside the drawer. When placing nuts and clips, it is essential to be careful not to damage drawers and surrounding furniture, or to reduce yourself or others.


This technique is greater difficult and threatening if the drawer is locked with rivets or pins. Use drills, drill bits, and blades to open holes and grooves for rivets and pins. This join lock cylinders and cams to drawers, and lock or liberate drawers by putting a key into them. When commencing holes and grooves, you need to be cautious now not to harm drawers, or to damage yourself or others. To shield yourself from sparks, heat and electric-powered surprise. It miles essential to put on gloves and goggles and shut off the power delivery.


For electronics requiring a battery or power supply, that is the maximum tough and perilous manner to attach a brand-new lock. Use a wire stripper, wire cutter, wire connector, or soldering, to join the twine from the device to the battery or electricity delivery. You need to insert the twine, test the fingerprint, swipe the card, or press the remote manager to fasten or free up the drawer. When connecting the wiring, it’s very important to pay close attention not to damage the drawer or the encompassing furniture, or to harm yourself or others. To shield yourself from sparks, warmth, and electric shock. It’s miles essential to put on gloves and goggles and disconnect the energy delivery.

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New Office Drawer Lock Capabilities and Security Testing

The key and final step in replacing the workplace drawer lock is checking out the functionality and safety of the brand-new office drawer lock. To paint the brand-new locks efficaciously and competently and meet your needs. You need to follow this important step. Here are some fashionable steps on how to check the functionality and safety of a new workplace drawer lock. Some recommendations are on a way to keep and take care of a new workplace drawer lock:

Testing Office Drawer Lock

Test 1:

Repeat the locking and unlocking of the drawer numerous times. This should be done depending on the kind of lock you operate, consisting of the key, PIN, fingerprint. You check the lock for clogging, slipping, noise, or vibration. Open and near the drawer several times to ensure that the lock does not interfere with the drawer’s movement or placement. Make sure that there is no longer reason harm or harm to the drawer or fixtures.

Test 2:

Check the energy and sturdiness of the lock. Make sure that it does not break, bend, loosen, or bear normal force or immoderate force or strain. To open a locked drawer, you can try different methods. First, pull the drawer gently and see if it budges. Then, press the lock firmly and check if it clicks. Next, shake the drawer slightly and listen for any sound. After that, attempt to use another key, code, fingerprint, card, or remote control that might work. Finally, one should verify whether the lock can resist unauthorized access or tampering or prevent it.

New office drawer lock maintenance

Maintenance and protection to ensure the lengthy existence and overall performance of new workplace drawer locks. To preserve your new office drawer lock after replacement, you can follow the easy hints below:

  1. Use a smooth fabric and suitable lubricant to clean and lubricate the locks regularly.
  2. Keep keys and PINs safe so that they’re now not misplaced or forgotten. You can also create spare keys and spare PINs in case of emergency or loss.
  3. Do not update batteries or energy supplies. If vital, expiring or expiring batteries, or exposing those to intense temperatures and moisture.
  4. For any issues with a new office pull-out lock, contact a professional locksmith or customer service.

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Video Guidance:

Here is a video guidance for you to learn about how to fix drawer lock:


This guide affords a complete and specific evaluation of the steps worried about replacement office drawer lock. We explored about putting off vintage locks, installing new locks, and testing new lock capabilities and safety. By following this manual, you may without problems and appropriately replace office drawer locks without adverse drawers or furniture. You also can experience the benefits of introducing new office drawer locks and improving pleasure and self-belief. For more information and guidance on office drawer lock replacement and other associated subjects. You can check out about those guides by visiting our website www.patriotlocksmithks.com. We sit up to hear from you. We wish you the success of a new office drawer lock.


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