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Whether you’re visiting, staying at a hotel, renting an apartment, or residing in a frat house, why not recollect acquiring a portable security door lock? Anyone can attach this tool to any door easily and prevent unauthorized entry even if someone has a key or card. Portable safety door locks are getting greater famous and greater advanced. This is because of the growing demand for private protection and the improvement of smart technology. This door lock is straightforward to put in and get rid of and does now not damage the door or body. But if you don’t want to take any risk and compromise on privacy then we will suggest you consult a professional locksmith. Because a professional can give you the best solution to make sure the privacy.

Best Portable Security Door Lock

Portable security door lock is useful for vacationers who want to defend their assets and personal space, renters who cannot agree with landlords and associates, and owners who want to enhance their domestic protection. This article will let you know the significance, features, pros and cons of portable security door lock.

The Benefits of the using of portable door locks:

  1. Prevent unauthorized access from human beings with keys or selections, along with hotel personnel, maintenance people, intruders, and so forth.
  2. Deter potential intruders by making difficult and louder sounds.
  3. You can control who can go into and out of the room, specifically while you’re asleep or away, growing your experience of protection.

Factors to keep in mind while choosing

But now not all transportable door locks are made the same way. To pick the pleasant portable door lock for your needs, there are many factors to recall which include:

  1. Compatibility: Portable door locks need to be well matched with door kind, size, hinge or slide kind, open internal or out of doors, latch or bolt.
  2. Durability: Portable door locks ought to be made from rugged and dependable materials that may resist pressure and put on.
  3. Ease of use: Portable door locks should be clean to put in and eliminate without the need for tools or techniques. In addition, emergency operations and unlocking need to be easy.
  4. Price: Portable door locks ought to be inexpensive and a good deal without compromising on nice or overall performance.

Based on the net search outcomes, we’ve listed the top alternatives for quality portable door locks in 2024 to make knowledgeable selections. In addition, the professionals and cons of each alternative, utilization and preservation tips were also published. But one should be precautious about privacy to prevent burglary. We will suggest you use anti burglar alarm system to maintain and modify the home security system. 

Best Portable Door Lock Top Pick in 2024

According to Net Seek Outcomes, the best four portable door locks available for buy in 2024 are:

1. Rishon I9889 Addalock Original Portable Door Lock

Rishon I9889 Addalock the Original Portable Door Lock is a compact, lightweight door strike lock that helps maximize internal hinge doors with latches or bolts. Easy to put in and do away with, with a committed storage pouch. It may be utilized in preventing doors from being opened from the out of doors.

Rishon I9889 Addalock Original Portable Door Lock


  1. Weighs best 4 oz. and sizes 5.8x 3.5 x 0.9 inches.
  2. Simple and powerful because it slides onto the strike plate of the door and acts as a deadbolt to block latch and bolt actions.
  3. If there’s a gap of 1/8 inch or extra between the door and frame, it corresponds to the maximum number of doors.
  1. Cannot be used for doors that swing outward, doors that don’t have latches or bolts, or doorways which have a narrow hole between the frame and the door.
  2. It won’t fit the shape and size of the strike plate of the door, together with spherical or elliptical kind.
  3. There is likewise a file that is without problems broken or bent, and it could lack durability.
2. WINONLY I9889 plus Upgrade Portable Security Door Lock

This Portable Door Lock comes with a steel chain. This lock complements energy and safety with a similar door strike lock. It additionally supports most open hinge doors with latches or bolts, making it clean to put in and cast off. It can stop doors from opening from outside in places like hotel rooms, condominium houses, dormitories, flats, and more.

WINONLY I9889 plus Upgrade


  1. This Portable Door Lock is extra durable and safe. The steel chain reinforces the lock, stopping it from breaking or bending.
  2. It is adjustable and versatile due to the fact it can shorten and lengthen the chain to healthy diverse doorways and gaps.
  3. If there is a gap of 1/8 inch or more between the door and the frame, it suits maximum doorways that swing inward with a hinge.
  1. Weight eight ounces, size 6.3 x 3.5x 1.1 inches, so it is heavier than the Rishon I9889 Addalock the Original Portable Door Lock.
  2. Cannot be used for doorways that swing outward, doors that don’t have latches or bolts, or doors that have a slim gap between the frame and the door.
  3. It won’t shape the form and length of the strike plate of the door, consisting of a spherical or elliptical kind.
3. Simo Home ZZR001 Portable Security Alarm Doorstop

Simo Home ZZR001 Portable Security Alarm Doorstop is a door stopper that sounds an alarm when a person tries to open the door. This portable door lock is simple to use and there may be no want for installation. You can use it for any floor or interior door, such as motel rooms, rental homes, dormitories, flats, and so on. It can also work as a regular door stopper without alarm.

Simo Home ZZR001 Portable Security Alarm Doorstop

  1. Intimidate the intruder with a noisy alarm of a hundred and twenty decibels and alert you or every person close by.
  2. Battery-powered and portable. A nine-volt battery may be used for 365 days, weighing the most effective 4.8 oz.
  3. You can deal with any door, no matter its type, length, or the gap between it and the floor, by opening it.
  1. You cannot use the door for the door opening outward because the door stopper’s pressure operates the alarm.
  2. Sensitivity of this door lock is simply too high, the sensitivity isn’t always sufficient, and will not work, so the reliability may not be very excessive.
  3. People may not care much about it, but they might still look at it and wonder, because they can see it from outside.
4. Door DB100S Portable Door Barricade Lock

Door Bull DB100S Portable Door Barricade Lock is a rugged door brace. This lock disperses the power of kicks and rams into doorways and frames. Easy to install and cast off and comes with a devoted sporting case. 

Door DB100S Portable Door Barricade Lock

  1. Made of Aluminium and metal, it’s far more durable because of the patented layout.
  2. It is an easy mechanism that slides over the door and locks just by twisting the knob, so it is simple to put in and take away.
  3. Compatible with any hinged door, no matter the door’s kind, size, or gap between the door and frame.
  1. About one hundred dollars, weighing three pounds, luxurious and heavy.
  2. Doors that swing outward, doors without hinges, doors with very slim frames can’t be used.
  3. The length is 9.5 x 5.5 x 2.5 inches and comes with a cumbersome wearing case, which won’t be appropriate for sporting.

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Tips for Using and Maintaining a Portable Door Lock

Common advice for using portable door locks competently and efficaciously:

Check the suitability of door and door locks:

Make sure the door lock suits the door kind, size, hinge or slide type, latched or bolted. Also, ensure there is sufficient hole between the door and the frame or floor for the door lock to function well.

Follow the instructions to put in:

Read the guidance guide or watch the video educational that includes the door lock to learn how to correct and remove the door lock. Do no longer pressure or harm the door lock or door when installing or removing the door lock. If you have any difficulties or issues, please contact customer service or manufacturer.

Test the door lock:

Make certain the door lock is firmly constant and works as supposed. If the door lock prevents the door from starting and remaining or lets the door open. Try establishing the door from inside and outside the door to see. If the door lock has an alarm characteristic, check whether the alarm sounds truly at sufficient quantity. If the door locks no longer work correctly, please regulate or update it as quickly as possible.

Store them in a safe and reachable area:

To save you the loss, damage, or theft of the door lock, store the door lock inside the unique packing fabric or protection case. The door lock needs to be stored in a backpack, suitcase, bedside desk, and so forth. Wherein you may easily reach whilst you need it. Do now not leave the door locked or lend it to others without permission.

Specific tips on maintenance of portable security door lock:

Here are the important tips for you to use in the maintenance of portable security door lock:

Clean the door lock regularly:

Gently wipe the door lock with a humid material and impartial cleaning soap or detergent to put off dust, dust and oil. Do not use abrasives or corrosive materials that could harm door locks or doors. Before storing or the usage of the door lock, dry it sufficiently with a dry material or dryer.

Do not disclose to extreme temperatures, and moisture:

One should not divulge to direct daylight, warmness, bloodlessness, water or chemicals that affect the performance or sturdiness of door locks. Do now not method hearth, electronics, magnets or steel detectors that may interfere with door lock mechanisms or alarms. When no longer the usage of door locks, save them in a groovy, dry and ventilated area.

Check the door lock for any symptoms of damage:

You should check often for cracks, dents, scratches, and rust which can damage the energy and protection of door locks. Check the door lock for loosening or missing elements inclusive of screws, knobs, chains and batteries. Inspect the door lock for defects or defects such as clogging, slipping, locking or unlocking. If the door lock is faulty or damaged, replace it.

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Video Guidance:

Here is a video guidance for you to learn about the best portable door lock:


In the end, we conclude that use of a portable door lock is a clever and powerful way to increase safety, privacy and security. They can provide us privacy When staying in a resort room, rental house, dormitory, condominium, and so on. However, considering the compatibility, sturdiness, ease of use, and rate of the product, you need to pick out the portable door lock for security that pleasant fits your needs. We reviewed the best choices of excellent portable door locks for 2024, highlighting the pros and cons of each alternative. We additionally introduced recommendations on the way to use transportable door locks and maintenance. To save your precious time and prevent any hurdles of maintaining this lock. We will suggest you consider Patriot Locksmith, which is providing best locksmith services in Kansas City and are reputable service provider.


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