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Home security is one of the most important things to live a safe and comfortable life. However, many homeowners overlook the potential dangers of garage door robberies that endanger valuables, cars, and even their safety. According to the FBI, more than 1.4 million cases of theft occurred in the United States in 2020, of which about 9% were incursions from garage doors. To prevent such incidents, attaching deadbolt tablets to garage doors is a smart and effective solution. Deadbolt tablets cannot be easily picked, bumped, or opened by an intruder in front of a lock that cannot be opened without a key or PIN. Deadbolt locks enhance garage door security and make it harder for thieves to access homes and belongings.

Installing a Garage Door Deadbolt

We also introduce Patriot Locksmith, a professional and reliable locksmith service that can meet deadbolt installation and maintenance needs. There are various types of deadbolt locks, each with features, advantages, and disadvantages. The most common types include key-operated types, digital types, auto-timer types, and smart deadbolt locks. This article explains how to attach deadbolt tablets to garage doors, compares different types of deadbolt tablets, and introduces additional security measures for an overall approach. 

How to Install Deadbolt Locking?

Installing deadbolt tablets on garage doors is not such a difficult task, but requires a certain amount of planning, preparation and accuracy. Here are the steps you need to install deadbolt tablets on the garage door:

Choose a type of deadbolt tablet that suits your needs and budget:

Depending on the level of security, convenience and functionality, you can choose from various types of deadbolt tablets that we will introduce later in this article. You can also consult Patriot Locksmith for expert advice on the type of deadbolt tablets best suited for garage doors.

Collect tools and materials necessary for installation:

You will need drills, hole saws, fleas, hammers, screwdrivers, scales, pencils and levelers. You will also need a deadbolt lock kit that includes a lock cylinder, bolt, strike plate, mounting screw, and template. Ensure that you have everything you need for the installation process before you begin. But if you have already installed one and want to remove that. You should have technical knowledge about how to open a deadbolt lock to perform this task.

How to Install Garage Door Deadbolt

Important Steps to Install Garage Door Deadbolt:

Follow step-by-step instructions to attach deadbolt tablets to the garage door. The exact steps may vary depending on the type and model of the deadbolt tablet you choose, but the general steps are as follows:

Step 1: Mark the position of the lock cylinder and bolt on the garage door and door frame using templates and pencils. Make sure the mark is straight and horizontal.

Step 2: Use a hole saw to open a hole for a lock cylinder on the garage door. Make the hole the size that the lock cylinder fits perfectly.

Step 3: Use the drill bit to drill holes for bolts at the end of the garage door. The depth of the hole is to the extent that the bolt fits perfectly.

Step 4: Using fleas and hammers, make a dent for bolts at the end of the garage door. The dent should be the same height as the surface of the door.

Step 5: Insert the bolt into the hole and fix it with the mounting screw using the driver.

Step 6: Insert the lock cylinder into the hole and attach it to the bolt using the driver. Make sure the lock cylinder is in a straight line with the bolt and the door.

Step 7: Mark the position of the strike plate with a pencil on the door frame. The strike plate matches the position and shape of the bolt.

Step 8: Use the drill bit to make a lower hole for the mounting screw on the door frame.

Step 9: Using fleas and hammers, make a concave strike plate on the door frame. The concave part is the same plane as the frame surface.

Step10: Use the driver and attach the strike plate to the door frame with the mounting screw. Verify that the strike plate is in line with the bolt and frame.

Test the deadbolt lock and adjust:

Try locking and unlocking deadbolt locks with a key or PIN to ensure that the bolts and strike plates are positioned and fixed. If the deadbolt tablet does not work well, you may need to adjust the position and size of the hole, dent, and screw. Contact Patriot Locksmith for support and troubleshooting.

Types of Garage Deadbolt Locks

There are four main types of deadbolt locks in the garage door: key, digital, auto-timer, and smart. Each type has advantages and disadvantages in terms of cost, convenience, security and installation. Here is a brief comparison of four types of deadbolt tablets:

Deadbolt locks operated by keys:

The most traditional and common type of deadbolt locks require a physical key to lock and unlock. Relatively inexpensive, easy to install and reliable. However, there are disadvantages such as the risk of losing or forgetting the key, the possibility of the key being copied or stolen, and the inconvenience of carrying the key around.

Deadbolt locks operated by keys

Digital Deadbolt Lock:

Digital deadbolt lock that uses keypads and touchscreens to lock and unlock codes and passwords. This Deadbolt Lock is more convenient and safer than Deadbolt Lock, which operates with keys, as there is no need to carry around keys or worry about loss. You can also change your code and password at any time and create temporary codes and passwords for guests and service providers. However, digital deadbolt locks are expensive, difficult to install and depend on batteries and electricity.

Digital Deadbolt Lock

Auto-timer deadbolt lock:

A deadbolt lock that automatically locks and unlocks at a predetermined time or interval. Auto Timer Deadbolt Lock is ideal for those who have a regular life and do not want to forget to lock or unlock the garage door. Auto Timer Deadbolt Lock can also deter potential robbery by making it look like someone is at home. However, Auto Timer Deadbolt Lock is expensive, complex to install, and cannot flexibly respond to daily life and plan changes.

Smart Deadbolt Lock:

This deadbolt lock that can be remotely controlled using smartphone apps, voice assistants, and smart home systems. Smart deadbolt lock is the most advanced and convenient type of deadbolt lock. You can lock and unlock the garage door anytime, anywhere, and monitor the status and operation of the garage door. The Smart Deadbolt Lock can also be integrated with other smart devices such as cameras, sensors, and alarms for a comprehensive security system. However, smart deadbolt locks are the most expensive, difficult to install and weak in hacking and malfunction.

Smart Deadbolt Lock

Here are some examples of popular brands and models for each type of deadbolt rock:

Correct Deadbolt Selection: Fusion of Functionality and Style

In addition to the type of deadbolt lock, elements that affect the functionality and style of the deadbolt lock, such as the mechanism, material, and finish of the deadbolt, should be considered. Here are some tips and recommendations for choosing the right deadbolt for your garage door:


Deadbolt Mechanism: Single cylinder or double cylinder

The deadbolt mechanism is the operation method of the deadbolt lock, there are a single cylinder and a double cylinder. The single cylinder deadbolt tablet has a keyhole on the outside and a thumb turn on the inside, and the double cylinder deadbolt tablet has a keyhole on both sides. Either of these two choices depends on your preference and the need for security.

Single cylinder:

The Single cylinder can be locked and unlocked from the inside without a key, making it more convenient and easier to use. However, there is also a caveat that anyone can unlock from the inside, such as an intruder entering the garage from a window or broken door. Single cylinder deadbolt tablets are suitable for garage doors that do not have windows or other entrances nearby.

Double cylinder:

Security priority double cylinder deadbolt lock is safer and more reliable because it requires the key to lock and unlock from both sides. An intruder who enters the garage from a window or broken door cannot unlock it from the inside. However, you have to keep keys for double cylinder deadbolt tablets at all times and you may not unlock them quickly in case of an emergency. This makes them less convenient and potentially dangerous. Double cylinder deadbolt locks are suitable for garage doors with windows and other entry points nearby. Store your extra keys securely and conveniently.

Material problems: durability and aesthetics

The material of deadbolt tablets affects durability and aesthetics. Made of various metals such as steel, brass, nickel, zinc, etc. Material selection depends on your budget, preferences, weather and garage door style. Here are the most common materials and pros and cons of deadbolt tablets:


Steel deadbolt tablets are the most popular and widely used material for deadbolt tablets because of their high strength, rugged, corrosion and rust resistance. This can withstand strong force and wear and are suitable for any weather or garage door style. However, steel deadbolt tablets are heavy, expensive, and easy to scratch and dent.


Fusion of elegance and functionality Brass is also a versatile material often used in deadbolt rock. The brass deadbolt tablet is glossy and smooth and matches any garage door color or design. Brass deadbolt tablets are resistant to corrosion and discoloration and can be polished and washed with simple household products. However, brass deadbolt tablets are expensive, soft, and susceptible to fading and discoloration.

Other materials:

Nickel, zinc, bronze and other materials can be used for deadbolt tablets. Each of these materials has different characteristics and properties, and there are advantages and disadvantages compared to steel and brass. For example, nickel deadbolt tablets are durable, affordable and easy to match with other metal fittings, but there are also drawbacks that they are easy to clean and easy to break. Zinc deadbolt locks are lightweight, inexpensive and have various finishes, but they are weak, and fragile to corrosion. Bronze deadbolt locks are beautiful, unique and long lasting, but are rare, expensive and difficult to install.

Garage Door Deadbolt Finishing: unique touch

The finish of the deadbolt lock is the coating and color applied to the material, so you can add personality and style to the deadbolt lock. The finish of the deadbolt lock also affects durability and appearance, and you can choose from various options such as matte, gloss, chrome, satin, antique, etc. The selection of finishes depends on your preference, the appearance of the garage door, and the quality and assurance of the finish. Here are some tips and recommendations for choosing the right finish for deadbolt locks:

Tip 1:

One of the easiest and simplest ways to choose a deadbolt lock finish for an exterior with existing metal fittings is to fit existing garage doors such as hinges, handles, knobs, etc. By doing this, you can create a harmonious appearance that is clustered in the garage door, saving time and money. However, this limits your choices and creativity and may not fit your personal preferences or style.

Tip 2:

Complement the garage door color and visually appeal Another way to choose a deadbolt tablet finish is to complement with the garage door color. This creates visual attractiveness and focal points in the garage door, allowing you to express your personality and sense. However, this may require more research and experiments and may not match other hardware in the garage door.

Video Guidance:

Here is a video guidance for you:


Attaching deadbolt tablets to garage doors is a smart and effective way to improve home security and prevent garage door robbery. Deadbolt tablets provide an additional layer of protection on the garage door, making it difficult for intruders to access homes and belongings. However, attaching deadbolt tablets is not enough to secure your home. Additional security measures should also be considered, such as reinforcing garage doors, adding smart security solutions, and selecting deadbolt tablets to suit your needs and preferences. If you’re looking for a professional and reliable locksmith service that caters to deadbolt installation and maintenance needs, we recommend Patriot Locksmith, a trusted and proven locksmith. Patriot Locksmith offers high quality and affordable services to residential, commercial and automotive customers. 

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