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Aluminum door frames are a sort of door designed to suit and be mounted inside aluminum doorways, normally used in sliding doorways, balconies, or storage doors. Safe and functional aluminum door locks are critical to shielding homes and businesses from intruders, thieves and vandals. For whatever reason, aluminum door lock replacement is not a complex and expensive task. In fact, with basic tools and materials, you can replace them yourself, saving money, time and effort. This guide shows you how to easily and safely replace aluminum door tablets. Do you have an old or broken aluminum door lock that needs replacement?

remove and replace of Aluminum Door Lock

If so, they are coming to the right place. We recommend that you take advice from professional installers and manufacturers like Patriot Locksmith. Patriot Locksmith offers the best locking and setting services throughout Missouri. In this article, we will guide you through the steps of aluminum door lock replacement and give you tips for the maintenance.

Steps to follow for Aluminum Door Lock Replacement

For the replacement of Aluminum lock, you need to follow these steps such as removing the old lock, installing new one and testing the lock. The steps are follows:

Step 1: Remove the old lock

The first step in changing the aluminum door lock is to remove the old lock from the door. To do so, drivers and pliers are required. Follow these steps:

Remove the old aluminum lock

  1. Check the lock handle and face plate position inside the door. A face plate is a metal plate covering the end of the door where the lock is inserted.
  2. Use the driver to remove the screw with the handle and face plate fixed. You may need to use different types of drivers depending on the screw.
  3. Pull the handle and face plate out of the door. To loosen, you may need to move a little bit. Be careful not to damage the door or lock.
  4. Look for a long bolt that is penetrating the lock and cylinder. The cylinder is a locking part with a keyhole and a mechanism to turn the bolt. 
  5. Use the driver to remove the long bolt from the lock and cylinder. You may also moreover want to show the key inside the cylinder to align the bolt with the screw hollow.
  6. Pull the antique cylinder out of the lock. You can also moreover want to apply a plier to grab the cylinder and pull it out.

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Step 2: Installing New Locks

The second step in converting the aluminum door lock is to attach a new lock to the door. To accomplish that, you need a state-of-the-art lock, a vintage bolt, and a vintage screw. Follow these steps:

installing new aluminum lock

  1. Check the cam position of the new cylinder. The cam should have the same slot or hole as the shape of the edge of the lock.
  2. Place the cam of the new cylinder on the edge of the lock and insert it into the lock. You may need to turn the key in the cylinder to adjust the cam position.
  3. Screw long bolts with the driver to secure the cylinder and lock. You may need to rotate the key in the cylinder to align the bolt with the screw hole.
  4. Attach the lock surface plate with a screw. Make sure that the face plate properly covers the edges and locks of the door.
  5. Attach the handle with a screw. Make sure the handle fits the lock and cylinder. You may need to use different types of drivers depending on the screw. 
Step 3: Lock Testing

The last step in replacing the aluminum door lock is to test the lock and enjoy improved door security and appearance. This requires a keyhole cover discussion plate and a new lock key. Follow these steps:

testing aluminum door lock

Adjust the holes around the cylinder:

The keyhole cover discussion plate is a decorative metal plate that covers the hole around the keyhole and adds a finishing touch to the door. Simply place the plate on the hole and press it firmly. If the plate is not firm, it must be fixed with glue or nail.

Test the lock:

Insert the crucial issue into the keyhole and turn it to fasten and unlock the door. Examine if the bolt actions interior and out of the door body with no resistance or noise. You need to inspect if the handle turns the lock and the cylinder without any difficulty or looseness.

Check if the door opens and closes:

If you come across any problems, you may need to alter the location of the lock, the cylinder, or the bolt, or are looking for advice from an expert locksmith for help.

Enjoy door security:

Now the aluminum door lock has been replaced. By replacing with a new lock, it improves protection, reduces maintenance, and improves style. You can also take pride in your DIY skills and your ability to implement simple and cost-effective home improvement projects. and can take pride in cost-effective home improvement projects.

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Aluminum door lock maintenance

To keep the aluminum door lock in good condition, it must be maintained regularly. This ensures smooth and safe operation, preventing rust, dirt, and wear. Can be activated. Here are some maintenance methods for aluminum door locks:

Aluminum door lock maintenance

Tips to avoid mistakes                  

Aluminum door lock replacement is a relatively simple and easy task, but it also comes with several challenges and risks. To avoid mistakes and ensure success, you should follow the following tips:

Measure the dimensions and specifications of the new and old locks:

The diameter, thickness and backset of the new and older locks must be measured and compared to see if they are compatible. The width and height of the door and frame must be measured and compared to the lock specification. This eliminates the need to buy or install locks that do not fit the door or to add hands to the door.

Use appropriate tools:

Drivers, hammers, pliers, drills, fleas, scales, levelers, pencils, safety glasses, etc. must use safe tools suitable for lock types and models. Also, follow the instructions that come with the lock or refer to the online tutorials and videos. By doing so, you can avoid damaging yourself, locks, doors, and so on while installing the lock.

Lubricate the lock mechanism:

Use lubricants designed for locking, such as graphite powder, silicon spray, and WD-40. Apply the lubricant to the lock mechanism and key once every few months or every time the lock becomes hard or noisy. This prevents clogging and corrosion that affects lock functions and security.

Check the lock alignment and door clearance:

You need to make sure that the lock cylinders and the lock body are aligned with each other, both horizontally and vertically with the door holes. You also need to make sure that the latches and strikes match each other and the edges of the door and frame respectively. Also, make sure that the door has enough clearance to open and close without rubbing or rubbing with the lock, frame or floor. You can use horizontal instruments, pencils, and rulers to mark and measure alignment and clearance. If the lock or door is out of position or the gap is insufficient, you may need to adjust the lock, door, frame position, size and shape, or fill the gap using a shim, washer or spacer.

Seek professional help:

In case, the lock is severely damaged, rusty, packed, or the door or frame is distorted, cracked or rotten, you may not be able to remove or replace the lock yourself. Also, if the lock is too complicated, too old, or too rare, or if the door or frame is made of metal, glass, fiberglass, or other materials that are difficult to work with, there may be difficulties. In such a case, ask a specialist with technology, tools and experience, such as a locksmith, carpenter, or workshop. They also advise you on the types and models of locks that are best suited for your door or home.

Video Guidance:

Here is a video guidance for you to remove and replace an aluminum door lock:


Aluminum door lock replacement is a useful and rewarding DIY project that can improve the security and appearance of your home. By following this guide, you can learn how to remove and replace an aluminum door lock yourself, as well as some tips to avoid mistakes and ensure a successful outcome. However, if you encounter any problems or challenges that are beyond your abilities, you should not hesitate to seek professional advice and help. We suggest you contact or take advice from Patriot Locksmith because our team used to deal with like these tasks.

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