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Three of the most popular rock types in the US are Kwikset, Schlage and Defiant, with Kwikset and Schlage dominating the residential rock market almost exclusively. Defiant locks are gradually gaining popularity among homeowners due to their low-cost tags, good appearance and functionality. If you ask Patriot Locksmith, you can ask for a fee to replace the key, or you can buy a kit and do it yourself. It is highly recommended that you contact Patriot Locksmith. This is because professionals can respond to any situation without risk. If you need to rekey a defiant lock, but don’t want to replace the equipment, Rekey is an excellent solution. It is a more cost-effective way to maintain safety.

how to rekey a defiant lock

Common conditions for key exchanges include lost or damaged keys, tenant swaps, and recent vacancies. If the key is in the wrong hands, it is recommended to replace the key. With a kit, you can change the keys at any time. You must have the original key to rekey the defaulted lock. Otherwise, it is similar to other types of lock rekeys. This procedure involves changing the internal structure of the lock and requiring a new set of keys while leaving the outer part intact. Old keys cannot open new keys.

4 Steps to rekey a defiant lock in Kansas

Do you need to trade your lock without replacing the hardware? Do you want to keep time and money even while maintaining high protection? If you answered yes, then you definitely may need to take into account rekeying your defiant lock. Rekeying is the method of changing the internal center of the lock so that it calls for a brand-new set of keys to open. In this manner, you may keep your old lock and nonetheless revel in the advantages of a new one. Here are four primary steps on the way to learning how to rekey a defiant lock, the usage of a rekey package that you could discover at any hardware or domestic improvement shop.

Step 1: Remove the lock from the door

The first step to rekey a defiant lock is to put off the lock from the door. You can do that using the use of the cord tool that incorporates the kit. Insert the tool into the knob’s hollow and push it in to release the retainer clip. Then, pull the knob off the door. Next, eliminate the cylinder from the cylinder shield inside the lock. This is the part that holds the pins and is derived that fits the important thing. Finally, insert the old key into the cylinder and turn it slightly to align the pins with the shear line.

Remove the lock from the door

Step 2: Extract the lock cylinder and c-clip

The subsequent step to rekey a defiant lock is to extract the lock cylinder and the c-clip that holds it in the area. You can use a screwdriver or a gut wrench to pry off the c-clip from the lower back of the cylinder. Be cautious not to lose or damage the c-clip, as you may want it later. Then, use a shim or the authentic key to turn the plug (the element that the important thing goes into) and follow it with a plug follower (a hollow tube that incorporates the package). This will push the plug out of the cylinder and prevent the pins and is derived from falling out of the housing. Make sure to preserve the plug follower within the cylinder housing until you’re geared up to reinsert the plug. Dump out the antique pins and maintain them in order, in case you need to reuse them.

Extract the lock cylinder and c-clip

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Step 3: Replace the pins with new ones

The third step to rekey a defiant lock is to update the pins with new ones that fit the brand-new key. Insert the new key into the plug and take a look at the key code that incorporates the package. The key code is a sequence of numbers and letters that indicate the size and colour of the pins. For instance, a key code of 1-4-three-2-five means that you want to use a blue pin for the primary chamber, an inexperienced pin for the second chamber, a purple pin for the third chamber, a yellow pin for the fourth chamber, and a red pin for the fifth chamber.

Replace the pins with new ones


Insert the new pins in line with the important thing code and make certain they’re flush and smooth with the plug surface. You can use tweezers that will help you with this step. Then, reinsert the plug into the cylinder and take a look at the new key. It has to flip smoothly and lock and free up the plug.

Step 4: Reinstall the lock on the door

The very last step to rekey a defiant lock is to reinstall the lock at the door. Put the c-clip back in the cylinder and stabilize it. Then, reassemble the knob or deadbolt with the ring and the key. Install the lock on the door and take a look at the new key once more. It needs to work perfectly and open and near the lock. Sometimes, one may need to program a new or used car key fob. Instead of programming a car key fob yourself or from an unprofessional may cause a problem. So, you should look for a professional not for cheap one.

Reinstall the lock on the door

Common problems and issues that affect defiant lock?

Despite its advantages, a defiant lock can also have some issues and problems which could affect its overall performance and sturdiness. Some of the commonplace issues and issues are:

Dirt and dirt:                                                    

Dirt and dust can gather on the lock and the keypad, making them grimy and sticky. This can intervene with the operation and the recognition of the lock and the keypad. It can also cause corrosion and rust in the metallic elements of the lock and the door.

Battery drain:

Battery drain can arise because of frequent use, low temperature, or negative satisfactory batteries. This can lessen the electricity and the lifespan of the batteries, making the lock and the keypad unresponsive or erratic. It also can motivate the lock to lose its settings and codes.

Cable and wiring harm:

Cable and wiring harm can occur due to fallacious set-up, accidental reducing, or splicing. This can disrupt the relationship and the verbal exchange between the lock and the keypad, making them malfunction or fail. It can also expose the wires and create a fireplace danger.

Strike plate and bolt misalignment:

Strike plate and bolt misalignment can arise because of door warping, sagging, or moving. This can save you the bolt from extending and retracting easily in the hole, making the lock hard to lock or liberate. It also can harm the bolt and the door body.

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Importance of keeping your defiant lock maintained

Keeping your defiant lock maintained and in the right circumstance is essential for several reasons. First, it ensures the safety and safety of your own home and your circle of relatives. A nicely maintained defiant lock can save you unauthorized get right of entry to, burglary, and vandalism. Second, it saves you money and time. A properly maintained defiant lock can keep away from high-priced repairs, replacements, and locksmith services. It also can save you from being locked out or locked in due to malfunctioning or lifeless batteries. Third, it enhances the appearance and price of your door and your private home. A nicely maintained defiant lock can keep the finish and the nice of the lock and the door. It also can add to the reduced enchantment and the resale fee of your home.

Importance of maintenance

How to keep your defiant lock maintained and in good condition?

Fortunately, you may keep your defiant lock maintained and in a suitable situation with a few simple suggestions. Here are a number of them:

Tip 1: Clean the lock regularly

One of the very best and simplest methods to keep your defiant lock maintained and in appropriate condition is to smooth it regularly. You can use moderate soap and a tender cloth to wipe the lock and take away any dust or dust. Do not use any abrasives or chemical products that can harm the lock or the end. Do no longer use sharp or abrasive gadgets to smooth the lock or the keypad. You also can use compressed air to blow away any dirt or debris from the lock and the keypad.

Tip 2: Replace the batteries when needed

Another critical way to keep your defiant lock maintained and in precise condition is to update the batteries when wanted. You can take a look at the battery indicator mild and replace the batteries whilst it flashes, or the keypad does not respond. Use four new alkaline batteries and deploy them nicely. Do not blend vintage and new batteries or distinctive styles of batteries. You can also use rechargeable batteries and a charger to keep cash and the surroundings.

Tip 3: Check the cable and the wiring

A third way to hold your defiant lock maintained and in top circumstance is to check the cable and the wiring. Make sure the cable is firmly linked to the port and changed into no longer damaged for the duration of the installation. Check the wiring for any free or broken connections and fasten them if viable. Do now not reduce or splice the cable or the wiring. If you aren’t positive a way to do that, you can contact a professional electrician or a locksmith for assistance.

Tip 4: Adjust the strike plate and the bolt

A fourth way to maintain your defiant lock maintained and in desirable condition is to regulate the strike plate and the bolt. Check the alignment and the clearance of the strike plate and the bolt. Make sure the bolt can smoothly enlarge and retract inside the hollow. Adjust the strike plate or the door if wanted. You can use a screwdriver, a hammer, or a chisel to try this. If you are not confident about how to try this, you can consult a professional woodworker or a locksmith for help.

Video Guidance:

Here is a video guidance to assist you understand how to rekey a defiant lock:


Rekeying a defiant lock is an easy and effective manner to change your lock without changing the hardware. It can save you time and money, whilst retaining excessive protection. By following the 4 steps above, you could rekey a defiant lock right away and enjoy the outcomes. We hope this article has helped you discover ways to rekey a defiant lock and inspired you to attempt it yourself. Rekeying a defiant lock is a fun and worthwhile DIY undertaking that can improve your home protection and comfort. But as it’s far involved with home security, we noticeably endorse you hire a professional locksmith like Patriot locksmith in Kansas City. We are 24/7 available all-around Missouri and provide residential, business and automobile locksmith service in Kansas City.

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