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Knowledge is power, welcome to the world of security and surveillance where safety is paramount. This comprehensive guide will delve into the technology to pop a car lock, an essential skill for those facing lockout situations. It is very important for people who have unexpectedly locked their keys in their cars and professionals in the security and surveillance industry to understand the technology and tools that unlock the car. Through this article, we will explore the complexity of the lock mechanism of the car, the tools necessary to open the lock of the car, and step-by-step guides to execute the process effectively and safely.

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In addition, we provide expert recommendation to use Patriot Locksmith services in Kansas and tips to highlight safety precautions and ensure success. We are the best locksmith in Kansas is not our words as these are by our satisfied clients. Now, tighten the seat belt and prepare to uncover the secret of opening the car lock accurately and cleverly. Let’s dive into this article and start our journey a step forward to learn how to pop a lock in emergency and the precautions to keep in mind.

3 Best Ways to Pop a Lock

The instructions and tools described in this guide are:

Method 1: Use shoelaces

Method 2: Use a lengthy poles and inclined planes                                 

Method 3: Use a coat Hange

Method 1: Pop a lock Using Shoelaces

This method is ideal if you have a knob at the top of the car door and pull it up and unlock it. A long and sturdy shoelace that reaches the knob from the bottom of the door is required. 

Pop a lock Using Shoelaces

The steps to unlock using shoelaces are as follows:

Step 1: Tie the slip knot in the middle of the shoelaces. The knot loosens to the extent that the string can be slipped and tightens to the extent that the knob can be retained when pulled.

Step 2: Pass a string through a gap in the corner door where the door touches the windshield. You may need to open the gap a little by using a thin tool like a credit card.

Step 3: Move the strings along the door until the knot is over the knob. To see a knob, you may need to twist a string or use a flashlight.

Step 4: Pull one end of the string and knot the knot. If you pull it, the knob should tighten.

Step 5: Pulling both ends of the string lifts the knob and unlocks the door.

Tips and precautions for using this method are as follows:

Tip 1: Choose a shoelace with a length that reaches the knob and a strength that can withstand the pulling force. If it is long and durable, you can also use other types of strings, such as dental floss, fishing lines, and yarn.

Tip 2: Gently insert the strings carefully to avoid damaging the door seals and windows. To prevent scratches and cuts, wrap a string with a cloth or tape.

Tip 3: Check the legality of your area before using this method. Depending on the location, we consider this a type of trespass and may touch the law. You may also need to have your owner’s proof or identification in case someone suspects you.

Method 2: Use a lengthy poles and inclined planes  

This method is suitable for unlocking by pressing, pulling and lifting, buttons, latches, and handles on the car door. You or anyone need a long stick and a wedge to use this method. The stick, such as a driver, metal hanger, or ruler, should reach the lock mechanism from the outside. The wedge, such as a plastic door stopper, wooden block, or rubber vera, should open the door. But in case of failure, you should look for Super locksmith Kansas City your trusted 24/7.

Use a lengthy poles and inclined planes  

The steps to unlock a long stick and wedge are as follows:

Step 1: Open the door slightly with a wedge at the corner where the door touches the body. To create a slight gap between the door and the frame, it may be necessary to put some effort in.

Step 2: Insert the air wedge (a small bag that can be inflated) into the gap and push it up with a pump to widen the gap. You can also open the gap using another wedge, such as a tennis ball or a rounded towel.

Step 3: The rod is passed through a gap and operated so that it reaches the lock mechanism. You may need to bend the rod or attach it to the lock using a magnet. You may also need to check the lock using a flashlight or mirror.

Step 4: Press, pull, or lift buttons, latches, and handles the lock with a stick. When the lock is removed, the door should be unlocked.

Here are some tips and warnings when using this method:

Tip 1: Choose a non-rubbing wedge that does not damage the door or car paint or metal. Wedges can also be wrapped with cloth or tape to protect the surface.

Tip 2: A cloth or cardboard is sandwiched between the wedge and the window to protect the window and glass. Also, it is better to lower the window a little so that the window does not break or scatter.

Tip 3: Be careful not to operate alarms or airbags by avoiding wires or sensors inside the door. You should also disable alarms and horns before using this method.

Method 3: Using Coat Hanger

This method can unlock car doors with vertical lock rods or horizontal lock bars. You or anyone just need to bend a thin and flexible coat hanger onto the hook and reach the lock from the inside. But if you can afford and do not have any hurry then you can choose the option to replace a car key by VIN number online.

Using Coat Hanger to pop a lock

The steps to unlock using a coat hanger are as follows:

Step 1: Bend the coat hanger into the shape of the hook to enter the gap in the door or the gap in the window. You may need to cut or twist the wire using a plier or scissors.

Step 2: Guide the hook through the gaps in the door and the gaps in the window to the key. You may need to open the gap a little by using a thin tool like a credit card. You may also need to check the lock using a flashlight or mirror.

Step 3: Hook the lock rod or lock bar onto the hook, pull it or slide it to unlock it. If you move the rod or bar, the lock should be removed.

Here are some tips and precautions when using this method:

Tip 1: Choose a coat hanger that is thin enough to fit gaps and cracks, and flexible enough to bend to the hook. If you are thin and flexible, you can use other types of wires such as bicycle cables, guitar strings, phone cords, etc.

Tip 2: Gently and carefully insert the hook so as not to scratch the glass or metal. To prevent scratches and cuts, wrap the hook with cloth or tape.

Tip 3: Treat hooks and locks patiently and gently. You may need to try several times or adjust the angle and position of the hook to catch the lock. Also, to prevent damage and damage, do not apply strong force or pressure to hooks and locks.

Reasons to Remove Car Lock

There are many scenes where you need to unlock the car:

Accidentally locked the key in the car:

This is one of the most common scenarios that can happen to anyone. If you are in a hurry, distracted or simply forgotten, you may forget to leave the key on your seat, dashboard or ignition. If you do not have a spare key or remote access app, you may need to unlock it to retrieve the key. But if you can afford then you can get key replacement without the original keys.

Lost or stolen keys:

Another possibility is to lose a key or be stolen by someone. This can be a serious security risk because someone may have access to your car and its contents. You may need to unlock and get into the car and move to a safe place or replace the key or lock.

The key is defective or clogged:

There may be problems with the key itself. It may be worn out, broken, or clogged with garbage or ice. If the lock does not respond to the key or remote control, you need to open the door to solve the problem.

Help someone in an emergency:

Finally, you may need to open the car lock to help those in need. For example, if you see a child, a pet, or a distressed person trapped in a car, you may need to act quickly to help them. However, be sure to contact the owner or authority first, and unlock it as a last resort.

Safety Precautions and Tips

Unlocking a car is a convenient technology, but it also comes with dangers and challenges. The following are safety precautions and insights:

Be careful not to damage the car:

 If you unlock the car, it may cause scratches and curves to the door or window frame of the car. Also, the lock mechanism, wiring, and airbag may be damaged. To prevent this, do it with gentle force, protect the surface of the car with a cloth or rubber pad, and avoid tools that are too sharp or too thick.

Note the elements of law and ownership:

The law may consider you a criminal if you unlock a car without permission or proof of ownership. It may charge you with trespassing, theft, or vandalism. To avoid such a situation, always carry your ID and registration documents and explain the circumstances to anyone when asked. If possible, contact the owner or authorities before attempting to unlock.

Ask a specialist for help if necessary:

Unlocking a car can be difficult, especially without the right tools and experience. You can waste time, damage yourself, or make the situation worse. If you do not have the confidence to unlock or fail, you should call the locksmith or roadside assistance service. They have the expertise and equipment to unlock your car safely and quickly.

Video Guidance:

Here is a video guidance that will be helpful for you to pop a car lock in any case of emergency:


In this guide, we learned how to pop a car lock in an emergency by using three methods: shoelaces, long sticks, wedges, and coat hangers. These methods help unlock car doors in different situations and different types of locks. However, these methods are not reliable in all cars and situations, so it is necessary to use them carefully and carefully at all times. But as we suggest our reader the best solution, you can use method 2 (Use a lengthy poles and inclined planes) which is best way to pop a lock. If you can unlock in an emergency, you can save time, money, and hassle, but that is not the best solution or safe solution. We will recommend calling Patriot Locksmith to solve the issue. Not for because we are 24/7 available locksmith in Kansas, but we are reliable and reputable key replace company in Missouri

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