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The trunk of the car is an extra garage space for storing baggage and carrying bags adequately. However, trunk clocks won’t be characteristic due to numerous causes inclusive of trunk seize harm, sensor malfunction, key rotation failure, actuator failure, and many others. When you get trunk lockout, this makes it inconvenient, impairs the automobile’s safety, and makes it tough for you to move the bags. You should find a solution to the problem as soon as possible if the trunk lock stops working. The trunk used to lock out when it could not open. This happens because the keys are misplaced, or forgotten, or the key goes into the trunk. Especially when you have crucial items or valuables in the trunk, it’ll be frustrating and inconvenient. You may additionally wonder why trunk confinement injuries arise inside the first location.

How to handle trunk lockout

There isn’t any need to panic or depression for any motive. There are numerous ways to free up the trunk without a key, and each technique has its pros and cons. This article suggests how to take care of trunk lockout like an expert with the aid of explaining four extraordinary strategies. We also introduce preventive measures to avoid trunk lockout within the destiny. Let’s begin!

4 Methods to handle trunk lockout

In case of trunk lockout, the main purpose of that person is to gain access to it by using safe and secure method. Different methods can help you to gain access to trunk of your car. But it is important for each to make sure that whether the method they are using are suitable and safe. In this guide we will discuss about the four best ways to unlock car trunk without any damage. These methods are as follows:

  1. Utilizing Trunk Release or Pass-Through Options
  2. Applying Emergency Trunk Release or Spare Key
  3. Use a slender gym or coat hanger
  4. Asking a consultant or use a lockout kit

Method 1: Use Trunk Release or Pass-Through Options

The easiest manner to unlock the trunk without a secret is to use the trunk launch choice or skip-via alternative. These features can help you open the trunk remotely or get entry to the trunk from in the automobile.

How to Use Trunk Release

Trunk releases are usually buttons or levers within the vehicle. On the driver’s facet door, dashboard, glove box, or center console. To use a trunk launch, you need to use every other key, a keyless access machine, or a door lock button to get entry to the vehicle. Once inside the automobile, search for the trunk launch and press or pull it to open the trunk.

Use Trunk Release or Pass-Through Options

How to apply skip-through

Pass-thru is an opening that connects the internal of the car and the trunk. There may be foldable rear seats or small holes in the seat. To use a bypass-via, you need to get admission to the interior of the car, as described above. Then you want to lower the back seat or use the hole to attain the trunk. You may additionally need to move or cast off your luggage within the trunk to make certain areas.

Pros of this method

The pros of the use of trunk launch or pass-through options are:

  1. Easy and short: No distinct kit or methods are required.
  2. No scratches: There is no threat of scratching or denting the car or breaking home windows or keys.
Limitations of this method

Limitations while the use of trunk release or skip-through alternatives:

Method 2: Use Emergency Trunk Release or Spare Key

Some vehicles have an emergency trunk release key or spare key. You can use either of them to release the trunk without another key. These are functions that permit you to open the trunk manually or with another key.

How to use Emergency Trunk Release                    

An emergency trunk release is a cope with or code in the trunk. It usually has vibrant hues inclusive of yellow, purple and inexperienced, so it is easy to locate. To use an emergency trunk launch, you must use the bypass-through choice or break the returned window to get entry to the trunk from within the vehicle. Once in the trunk, you want to search for the emergency trunk release and pull it to open the trunk.

Use spare key to prevent trunk lockout

How to use spare keys

Spare keys are backup keys hidden within the key fob or license plate of a few automobiles. To use the spare key, you must have access to a key fob or license plate. You can release the auto using a one-of-a-kind key, keyless access gadget, or door lock button, attain a key fob, or use the driver to unscrew the registration code holder. Once you’ve got the spare key, you can unlock the trunk using it.

Pros of this method

The pros of the usage of emergency trunk releases or spare keys are:

  1. Easy and secure: You do not need to force yourself or harm anything.
  2. Effective: You can open the trunk without trouble or complexity.
Limitations of this method

The limits of the use of emergency trunk releases or spare keys are:

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Method 3: Use a slender gym or coat hanger

The third manner to release the trunk without a key is to use a narrow gym or coat hanger. These are gear that can be used to perform the trunk lock mechanism from the outdoor of the auto.

How to use narrow gym and coat hanger

A slim gymnasium is a thin piece of metal with a hook or chip at one end. Bending the wire makes the coat hanger within the shape of a hook or loop. You need to slip slim gyms and coat hangers between the driver’s window and the weather strip. Next, search for a trunk lock rod or cable that connects the trunk lock to the trunk release. To see the inner of the door panel, it’s miles handy to use a flashlight or replicate. Once you find a trunk lock rod or cable, you want to free up it is using hooking, pulling, or pushing it with a narrow fitness center or coat hanger and open the trunk.

Use a slender gym or coat hanger

Pros of this technique

The pros of the usage of slender gyms and coat hangers are:

  1. Inexpensive and on hand: This gear can be without difficulty obtained and made without spending cash.
  2. Versatile: Various styles of motors and trunk locks can be supported.
Limitations of this approach

The obstacles to using a narrow gym or coat hanger are as follows:

Method 4: Ask a consultant to handle trunk lockout

The last way to free up the trunk without keys is to invite an expert or use a lockout package. These are products and services that assist in unencumbering the trunk without a key.

How to call an expert or use a lockout package

An expert is a locksmith or roadside assistance provider who helps unencumber the trunk without a key. A lockout kit is a set of tools and commands that may free up the trunk without a key. You need a phone, an app, and a membership card to call an expert or use a lockout kit. After that, you want to anticipate the expert to reach or use the lockout package according to the commands. You can unlock the trunk without damaging it or activating the alarm by using specialized equipment and strategies.

Ask a consultant to handle trunk lockout

Pros of this technique

The pros of calling a seasoned or the usage of a lockout package are:

  1. Reliable and fast: This method is Reliable and speedy than other ones.
  2. Time saving: You don’t should do something yourself or worry approximately something.
Limitations of this approach

The limits of calling a professional or using a lockout kit are as follows:

How to prevent trunk lockout

Now that you recognize the way to system trunk lockout as an expert, you need to discover ways to save your recurrence. Here are pointers and pointers to prevent trunk lockout:

Always carry spare keys and use car functions designed:

Save the spare keys in a secure area where you can retrieve them easily, such as pockets or pouches. You can also use features like a trunk that stays unlocked when it detects a key in the trunk, or a smart key system that alerts you when you leave a key fob in the trunk.

Double test earlier than locking:

A simple exercise for reducing trouble is to double-check whether you have a key before locking a vehicle or trunk. Also, close and glue the trunk properly before you depart.

Keep the important things and lock them in desirable condition:

To save your trunk confinement because of harm or harm to keys and locks, do not neglect to take care of keys and locks. To save you dust, rust, and freezing, clean the keys and locks regularly and lubricate them. It can also be replaced if a key or lock shows signs of wear and tear and tear.

Leverage era:

You can leverage generation to avoid or remedy trunk confinement. For instance, you could touch a roadside assistance or locksmith with the usage of a smartphone app or membership card. You can also use keyless access structures and trunk releases to remotely open the trunk.

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Video Guidance:

Here is a video guidance for you to unlock vehicle trunk:


Trunk lockout is an annoying and troublesome state of affairs, however, there’s no need to ruin the day. If you realize one-of-a-kind approaches to unencumber the trunk without keys, you may system the trunk lockout like a seasoned and get back to the road right now. You can also take precautions to keep away from locking out the trunk and revel in trouble-unfastened pressure. But for professional assistance we will suggest you consider Patriot Locksmith for trunk lockout services in Missouri. We do not only offer services but also suggest you the best solution to keep your home or apartment, car safe.


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