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The door of the car helps protect the car and the inside of the vehicle from theft. These operate through either the ignition key or remote fob of the car and the owner can enter and exit the vehicle. However, if you look closely, the door handle is connected from the inside through a series of metal control rods. Its metal rod leads to an inner door handle and a door latch that closes the car door. As with different vehicle factors, once in a while, the car door might not open or near correctly. In that case, one has the choice to repair or change the car door lock. Because, without change or repair of car door lock, this could cause security problems.

How to Change Car Door Lock


Most vehicle door locks can be repaired and do now not need to be replaced. If you’ve got issues with your vehicle door lock, please do now not hesitate to contact Patriot Locksmith in Kansas City, Missouri to get hold of professional advice and services. We will use our information to diagnose the trouble and repair the critical thing if viable. This article explains how to change the car door lock and how to choose a new lock. Dive into this guide and discover the car’s door lock replacement.

Steps to Change Car Door Lock

The process of replacing the car door lock has been divided into three parts. These steps include removing the old lock, installing the new lock, and finally testing the car’s door lock. The steps are as follows:

Part 1. Remove the old car door lock

Once you’ve purchased a brand-new vehicle door lock, you may need to put off the old door lock from the auto. This is a DIY task that can keep money and time and advantage a feel of feat. However, it’s miles essential to take the appropriate steps to keep away from detrimental door frames, windows, and electrical wiring.

Remove the old car door lock

Tools and Materials:

The tools and materials required for this work are as follows:

  1. Driver (minus driver and plus driver)
  2. Pliers
  3. Door stopper                     
  4. String
  5. Cloth or towel
Steps to remove the old lock of the car

Here are the steps to remove the old lock:

Step 1: Remove the battery

Locate the battery underneath the auto’s bonnet and use a wrench to loosen the poor terminal. After that, get rid of the cable from the terminal and wrap it with a wool or towel so that it does not come into touch with the metal.

Step 2: Remove the door panel

To access lock cylinders and other parts inside the door. Locate the screw holding the door panel and remove it using the driver. Next, use a negative driver to open a plastic clip with the door panel fixed to the door frame. Be careful not to break clips or panels. After that, lift the door panel remove it from the door and set it aside.

Step 3: Remove the lock control rod

Check the lock control rod inside the door and remove it from the lock cylinder using the plier. After that, pull the rod out of the door and leave it aside.

Step 4: Remove the spring clip

Examine the position of the C-Bane clip at the front of the door and use a negative driver to knead it from the lock cylinder. Be careful not to lose clips. It is necessary to install a new lock cylinder.

Step 5: Remove the lock cylinder

Pull the lock cylinder out of the door and throw it away. Now the removal of the old car door lock is complete.

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Part 2. Attach a new car door lock

Once you have eliminated the door lock of the antique automobile, you want to put in the brand-new door lock on the car. This is likewise a DIY project, which saves time and money and gives you a sense of accomplishment. However, it’s miles necessary to take careful and accurate steps to keep away from negative door frames, windows, and electric wiring.

Install new car door lock

Steps for Installation of New Door Lock:

Here are the steps to install a new car door lock:

Step 1: Insert a new lock cylinder

This is step one in putting in a new automobile door lock. Insert a brand-new lock cylinder from the front of the door to suit the hole in which the antique lock cylinder changed position. Make sure the keyhole is in an appropriate route and the lock cylinder is at an equal peak as the door floor.

Step 2: Secure the lock cylinder with the C-spring clip

Use a flathead screwdriver to push the C-spring clip over the lock cylinder and snap it into place. The C-spring clip should hold the lock cylinder firmly and prevent it from moving or falling out.

Step 3: Reconnect the lock control rod

Verify the lock control rod position inside the door and attach it to the lock cylinder using the plier. The lock control rod moves freely so that the lock mechanism can be operated.

Step 4: Attach the door panel

Adjust the door panel to the door frame, press firmly and fix it with a plastic clip. Next, use the driver to replace the screw that has the door panel fixed. Make sure that the position of the door panel is matched, that it is installed correctly, and that there is no gap or loosening.

Step 5: Reconnect the battery

Restores power to door lock and other electrical components. Locate the battery under the bonnet of the car and tighten the negative terminal using a wrench. After that, reconnect the cable to the terminal and remove the cloth and towel. Now the installation of the new door lock is complete.

Part 3. Test new car door lock

Once you have change old car lock with new door lock, you need to test it and make sure it works correctly. Here are some tips to help:

Test new car door lock


Key test:

Plug the key into the new lock cylinder and turn it to lock or unlock the door. The key fits smoothly and should go around easily. Also, the lock should work without resistance or noise. If the key does not fit, does not rotate, or the lock does not work, it may be wrong to install the lock cylinder, or the C bane clip may be loose. You need to remove the lock cylinder, check the code, length and function again, and re-install correctly.

Test remotes manage:

If you have a digital key or keyless machine, you must additionally check the remote manage to perform the door lock. Press the button on the remote control to fasten or liberate the door. The faraway control has to right away and reliably perform, and the lock has to react for this reason. If the far-flung does not paint or the lock does not reply, there may be trouble coding or programming the lock cylinder or faraway control. You have to discuss with the guidance manual of the auto or contact the provider or Patriot Locksmith.

Test the door:

Open and near the door numerous instances to test the alignment and health of the lock cylinder and door panel. The door must open and near smoothly and reliably, and the lock cylinder and door panel have to not interfere. If the door no longer opens and closes correctly, the lock cylinder or door panel is loose, or the location is out of role, the door body, window, electrical wiring, and many others. May was broken when doing away with or installing the lock cylinder. You need to test the door and fasten any issues that could have occurred.

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Tips for finding the proper vehicle door lock cylinder

The lock cylinder is part of the car’s door lock, which houses tumblers, and pins that permit the important thing to rotate and the lock to feature. If you need to change the car door lock, you want to find a lock cylinder that fits the model and year. Here are a few hints for that:

Check the code:

The simplest manner to discover the suitable lock cylinder in your vehicle is to check the code engraved on the old lock cylinder. The code is mostly a mixture of characters and numbers indicating the exact type and configuration of the lock cylinder. You can search online using the code and the version or refer to the automobile’s manual to discover a suitable substitute lock cylinder.

Measure duration:

Another way to discover a lock cylinder that suits your automobile is to degree the duration of the cylinder in both directions from the middle of the screw. The length of the cylinder determines how well it stretches within the door and how it fits with other elements. By measuring those lengths, you may pick out the right lock cylinder in your automobile. For instance, the duration of the cylinder is precise like this: this is, one facet is 35 mm, and the alternative is 40 mm.

Compare features:

The third way to find a lock cylinder that suits your car is to compare the features of the new and old lock cylinders. Features include the number and shape of tumblers, the type and position of keyholes, the colour and material of cylinders, and compatibility with electronic systems and keyless systems. You can compare the features by looking at photos and descriptions of rock cylinders on the net or in the store, or by asking experts for advice.

Video Guidance:

Here is a video guidance for you to replace car door lock:


In this article, I explained how to change the old car door lock and how to choose the suitable car door lock for the replacement. We also gave you tips on how to test new locks to make sure they work correctly. By following these steps, you can replace car door lock without damage and improve the security and reliability of the car. However, if you do not want to waste time on this work, please use our best locksmith services in Kansas City. With many years of expertise, we have provided professional class best quick service at a very competitive price and with confidence, so call us now and see yourself. Our team definitely uses various professional tools to do the job and repair your car door lock. We specialize in a wide range of door locks for cars, vans and caravans.


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