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The barrel lock is a long-lasting type of lock, which includes two cylinders that come into contact with each other when the key is inserted. The internal cylinder consists of pins that engage with the tooth of the important thing, and the outer cylinder incorporates springs and pins that engage with the tooth of the internal cylinder whilst the key rotates. The interplay of the pin and the spring creates a locking mechanism requiring accurate alignment for unlocking. The biggest advantage of the barrel lock is its sturdiness. Mischief and choosing assaults cannot break these locks, which have a strong design. They are a perfect choice for protection, including doorways, gates, safes and shelves. The process to change a barrel lock of a door is not a difficult task, as it can be performed at home.

how to change a door lock barrel

One needs to keep his or her door lock barrel to increase its reliability and health. In that case, Patriot Locksmith will not only help you to change barrel lock of door but also maintain it. In addition, these locks can be used not simplest for padlocks but also for aggregate locks for security enhancement. You can customize these locks for extraordinary finishes, such as brass, nickel, chrome, copper, stainless steel, and many others, so that they fit perfectly for any indoors. Let’s dive into this article and explore more about how to change a door lock barrel at home in 5 easy steps and maintain it.

Tools and Materials

The essential reason for this newsletter is to expose you to the way to update the barrel of the door lock in five easy steps. The following equipment and substances are required:

5 Steps to Change a Door Lock Barrel

Changing the garage door lock barrel without keys may seem like a difficult task, but with the right tools and procedures, it is a manageable process. Whether you have lost your key or need to upgrade your security, you can change the door barrel lock in five steps in this complete guide. But one should also know how to remove a broken key from a lock. Because, because this can save your money and time.

Step 1: Remove the door manage

The first step is to dispose of the door and deal with both facets of the door. For that purpose:

Remove the Barrel lock of door

  1. Open the door and keep it open with a door stopper or wedge.
  2. Find the screws which can be fixing the door handle. It is typically positioned inside the door, near the base of the cope with.
  3. Use a screwdriver to unscrew the door deal with and thoroughly pull it out of the door. Keep the screws in a secure region, as you’ll need them later.
  4. Avoid making use of an excessive amount of force or twisting door handles, as this may harm doorways and handles.
Step 2: Unscrew the lock barrel

The next step is to eliminate the lock barrel screw that holds the lock cylinder to the door. For that cause:

  1. Locate the lock barrel screw on the top of the door, next to the lock cylinder. It is often a small metal screw that passes through the hole within the lock cylinder.
  2. Use the screwdriver to remove the lock barrel screw and shop it in a secure area for later use.
  3. The screws on the lock cylinder are critical to maintain the lock cylinder in the area, so do no longer lose or harm it.
Step 3: Remove the Barrel 

The third step is to cast off the antique lock barrel from the door. For that reason: Unscrew the lock barrel

  1. Insert the important thing into the lock and twist it to the right to lock the door.
  2. From the other facet of the door, lightly press the lock cylinder together with your palms or a small device.
  3. Twist the important thing left and proper whilst pulling the lock cylinder out of the door.
  4. Remove the important thing from the lock and set apart the antique lock cylinder.

To do away with the lock barrel, you want to align the cam (the movable detail on top of the threaded hole) with the hollow within the lock cylinder. If the cam does not shape into the hollow, the lock cylinder will not come out.

Step 4: Install a new barrel

The fourth step to change barrel lock of door is to suit the new lock barrel into the door. For that motive:

Install the New Door Lock Barrel

  1. Measure the period and width of the old lock barrel, and the gap from the hole to the ends of the barrel. These dimensions will assist you in finding the right substitute lock.
  2. Purchase a new lock that has the same dimensions and functions as the vintage lock. Common sorts consist of euro cylinders, rim cylinders, and mortise cylinders.
  3. Insert the key into the new lock and turn it to the right to fasten the door.
  4. Slide the brand-new lock onto the door to shape it into the hollow at the end of the door.
  5. Secure the lock barrel with screws to prevent it from being too tight or too loose. The lock barrel could be on the identical height because the door permits the key to show easily.
Step 5: Attach the Handle

The ultimate step is to attach the door handle to each aspect of the door. For that cause:

Attach the Handle of door lock

  1. Return the door deal to the door and align it with the hollow inside the door.
  2. Screw the door takes care of a predetermined role with the use of a screwdriver. Make positive the screws are tight and the manager is not shaky.
  3. If the handle is just too tight or too loose, loosen or tighten the screws.
  4. Test that door handles and locks work properly.

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Maintenance of New Barrel Lock

The new barrel lock is a form of lock that includes a cylindrical plug that rotates in a metal housing. The plug has a keyhole and a pin that fits the form of the key. When you insert the key and turn it, the plug aligns with the housing, and you can open and close the door. The designers made the new barrel lock safer and more durable than the previous one, however, you still need to protect it to keep it in desirable condition and prevent wear and failure. Here’s a way to keep the brand-new barrel lock.

Maintenance of door lock barrel

Regular lubrication, cleansing, and conditioning

One of the maximum important steps within the upkeep of the brand-new barrel lock is to periodically lubricate it. Lubrication helps lessen friction and put on, preventing rust and corrosion. You can observe a lubricant to the keyholes and pins within the plug with the use of a sprig lubricant or graphite powder like WD-forty. It is necessary to apply oil to the lock at a minimum once every six months, more often in common use or intense climate conditions.

To clean the new barrel lock:

Use a gentle fabric or cotton swab to wipe off dust, dust and rubbish that has accrued in the keyhole or on the floor of the plug and housing. You can also smooth the outside of the lock with usage of a mild soap and aqueous answer, however after cleansing, dry it thoroughly. Avoid abrasives and corrosive substances that could harm the lock or its end.

To modify the brand-new barrel lock:

You may want to tighten or loosen the fastening screws that keep the plug to the door. The fastening screws are placed near the end of the door, the lock. If you operate a screwdriver to show the screw clockwise or counterclockwise, the plug will match into the housing. If you tighten or tighten the screws an excessive amount, the lock may grow to be clogged or loosened.

To prevent loss, lock harm, and lock-in

Another crucial component inside the renovation of the brand-new barrel lock is to keep away from missing keys, broken keys, and lock-in. Here are a few hints to help you keep away from this:

To save you the lack of your keys:

Maintain them in a secure and accessible location always, such as key holders, wallets, wallets and wallets. Also, you should prepare a spare key in case you leave the authentic key in the back or lose it. You need to store spare keys someplace else, such as in a car, at work, or with a trusted friend or neighbor.

To keep away from harm in your keys:

Take care whilst handling them and avoid setting too much attempt into placing and turning them. Also, keys should now not be bent, twisted, or dropped. If you see signs of damage or damage to the important thing, such as cracks, chips, or scratches, replace it as quickly as possible.

To keep away from being locked out:

Make sure you have got a key earlier than remaining the door. Also, in case you leave the key within the key or on the opposite side of the door, you can now not be capable of opening the door from the out of doors. If you have lost your key, you could use a spare key, name a key save, or touch the assets owner or manager for help.

Commonplace mistake to keep away from

Making those errors will take time to update the barrel lock on the door. Let’s see what to avoid:

Now not rush things

Changing the door barrel lock has to take approximately 5 minutes, so there’s no want to rush the work. If you attempt to pressure the work ahead, the possibilities of damage are excessive, and if you bypass the procedure, you can lose components and screws.

Watch out for screw heads and threads:

To eliminate or insert a screw efficiently, you need to avoid peeling off or crossing the top or thread of the screw. The outlet and the last of the door may get impaired. The worst issue is that the door will stay free.

Ignore ominous signs:

You can replace the door barrel lock yourself; however, you can need the assistance of an expert. If you feel you cannot clear it yourself, you can ask an expert.

Be on your guard:

Replacing the door barrel lock is a relatively simple task, if you pay attention. Make sure that the handle, spindle, screws, and other parts are installed properly, and use extreme caution when aligning them.

If you’re looking for professional comfort, the Patriot Locksmith team will be happy to help. Solve all sorts of barrel locks and furniture problems and keep your doors in excellent condition. For inquiries to the Patriot Locksmith Expert Team, call (913)-361-5945 or patriotlocksmithks.com. 

Video Guidance:

Here is a video guidance for you to change the door lock barrel:


We learned how to replace the barrel of the door lock in five simple steps. The way to change the door lock barrel is a simple and effective way to improve the security and functionality of the door. By following these steps, old or damaged door lock barrels can be replaced immediately with new ones. But despite of installing the new one it still needs maintenance to last longer with optimal performance. By following the tips and advice in this article, you can keep your new barrel lock in good condition and prevent wear and tear. Sometimes you may need a professional locksmith service in case of home lockout or car lockout. To prevent you from being frustrated and worried, we highly suggest you try out the services of Patriot Locksmith.

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