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The popularity of smart locks has increased among homeowners seeking to improve home security and convenience. Smart Lock is an electronic device that can be remotely controlled by smartphone apps, keypads, voice commands, and biometric scanners. It can also be integrated with other smart home devices such as cameras, alarms, thermostats, etc. Some of the safest and most reliable smart lock is double cylinder deadbolt smart lock. This type of smart lock combines the traditional deadbolt mechanism with the modern features of the smart lock. This article introduces the benefits and benefits of double-cylinder deadbolts and smart locks, and how double-cylinder deadbolts and smart locks enhance security and protection.

Enhanced Security of Double Cylinder Deadbolt Smart Lock

What is a Double-cylinder Deadbolt Smart Lock?

The double-cylinder deadbolt smart lock is a smart lock with two cylinders on each side of the door. A key is the only way to lock and unlock from both inside and outside the door. Single-cylinder deadbolts have a knob or thumb turn on the inside that can open them, but double-cylinder deadbolts need keys on both sides.

Working of Deadbolt Smart Lock:

The advantage of a double-cylinder deadbolt smart lock is that it can prevent unauthorized access from both sides of the door. For example, someone can break the window or glass of the door and put their hands inside and unlock it, even without a key. Similarly, if someone tries to unlock from the outside, the door cannot be opened without a key from the inside.

Double-cylinders, deadbolts, and smart locks have a variety of locking mechanisms, including pin tumblers, disc tumblers, and sidebars. These mechanisms provide different levels of security and resistance to picking, collision, and drilling. Some double-cylinders, deadbolts, and smart locks have anti-snap capabilities that prevent lock destruction by force.

Features in smart deadbolt lock:

Double-cylinder deadbolts and smart locks can be accessed in various ways depending on the features and functions of the smart lock. General access methods are as follows:

Enhanced Security and Protection

One of the main reasons for choosing double-cylinder deadbolts and smart locks is the increased security and safety of your home. Double-cylinder deadbolts and smart locks have the following security advantages over single-cylinder deadbolts and standard locks:

Prevent rock bumping:

Lock bumping is a technique that uses a specially cut key and uses a small amount of force to unlock the key. This technique can open many types of locks, including single-cylinder deadbolts. However, the smart lock of the double-cylinder deadbolt cannot be hit because the key from both sides is required for operation.

Preventing tampering:

Prevention of pranks Double-cylinder deadbolts and smart locks can also prevent pranks such as picking, drilling and bending. Double-cylinder deadbolts and smart locks can prevent picking, drilling, and bending, making it difficult to operate or damage locks. In addition, Smart Lock can detect and warn against unauthorized access, battery loss, obstruction, etc.

Remote access control:

Double-cylinder deadbolts and smart locks can be locked and unlocked from anywhere with an internet connection. You can also monitor lock status and activity and allow or revoke access to other users. This gives you a sense of security and convenience because you can always grasp who is in and out of the house. As well as the control access system is not less than the other systems. This maximizes the security and prevent the unauthorized access to one’s property or house, business.

Other Benefits of Double Cylinder Deadbolt Smart Lock

Double-cylinder, deadbolt, and smart locks not only enhance security and protection features but also have the following advantages:

Enhanced Security and Protection

Keyless Entry:

Double-cylinder deadbolt smart lock eliminates the need for keys that may be lost, stolen or duplicated. The door is accessible via a smartphone, PIN, voice command, or biometric scan, eliminating the need for key mobile and management. You can also avoid the risk of closing the door or forgetting the key inside.


Double-cylinder deadbolt smart lock makes your life easier and more comfortable because you can control the lock easily with touch and voice. You can also automate the lock to perform certain actions, such as locking the door when you go out or unlocking the door on arrival. Another benefit of smart locks is that they can work together with other smart home devices, such as cameras, alarms, and thermostats, to create a smooth and smart home experience.


Double-cylinder deadbolts and smart locks can also be customized to suit your preferences and needs. You can choose from various types, styles, colors, finishes, lock mechanisms and access methods. You can also adjust the settings and functions of the lock, such as volume, auto lock time, notification, user profile, etc.

What are the Prons and Cons of Smart Locks?

Using double-cylinder deadbolts and smart locks for home security has both benefits and disadvantages.

Advantages of using smart locks:

Deadbolt smart locks have many advantages for its users. Some benefits of deadbolt smart lock are as follows:

Improved protection level:

This smart lock has a higher security level than single-cylinder deadbolt smart lock. In addition, it is necessary to overcome two cylinders rather than one cylinder, making picking and forceful unlocking difficult.

Deter potential robbery:

Double-cylinder smart lock can deter potential thieves. Because thieves see that the door has a double-cylinder deadbolt smart lock. In addition, you may decide that other security measures such as cameras, alarms, sensors, etc. are in place and try to avoid the house completely.

Reducing the need for multiple keys: 

This type of deadbolt smart lock reduces the need for multiple keys, can operate both sides of the door with one key, thus reducing the need for multiple keys. It is more convenient and efficient for homeowners because there is no need to carry or manage multiple keys. It also prevents the risk of losing or forgetting the key.

Improved door aesthetics and value:

Double-cylinder deadbolt Smart lock does not change the appearance of the door, so it can improve the aesthetic and value of the door and add a modern and sophisticated taste to the house. In addition, residential resale values are increased to show that high quality and advanced security systems are provided.

Disadvantages of using smart locks:

These double cylinder deadbolt locks also have some disadvantages. The disadvantages are as follows:

Posing a fire safety hazard: 

There is a fire danger double-cylinder deadbolt smart lock, there is a fire danger. Therefore, if an emergency such as a fire occurs, especially if you do not have a key or are not near the key, it may become difficult for the owner of the house to escape or become impossible. In addition, paramedics such as firefighters need to break the door or look for another way to enter the house, which also hinders the rescue operation.

Requiring a key to exit:

You need the key to use a smart lock with a double-cylinder deadbolt. It may not show up in the house without the key. Therefore, it is necessary to carry the key around at all times or place it in place near the door. It is inconvenient and frustrating for the owner of the house. A key can pose a crime prevention risk if someone steals it, or if the owner loses it or forgets it. The owner might not be able to leave the house or get inside.

Violating some building codes:

Double-cylinder deadbolts and smart locks that violate the Building Standards Act may conflict with the Building Standards Act. Some jurisdictions prohibit the use of keys that cannot be used without the use of keys. These locks can threaten fire safety as mentioned above. Therefore, before installing a double-cylinder deadbolt smart lock, the homeowner must verify local regulations and ensure that they comply with those regulations.

Potential for malfunction and hacking:

Double-cylinder dead vault smart lock is a smart device that depends on technology and connectivity, so there is a possibility of malfunction or hacking. For example, the lock may not function due to battery disconnection, connection failure, or software failure. Alternatively, malicious agents may hack locks, access locks and home networks, and compromise the security and privacy of homeowners.

Tips to overcome disadvantages:

To overcome or reduce the disadvantages of using double-cylinders, deadbolts and smart locks, there are solutions and recommendations such as:

Installation of fire alarms:

Installation of fire alarms: Installation of fire alarms: By installing fire alarms, you can report to homeowners and authorities in the event of a fire or other emergency and give them sufficient time to safely leave the house. Install a fire alarm near the door and test it regularly to ensure it is operating properly. But you should call or hire a super locksmith near in Kansas City in an emergency.

Keep your spare keys nearby:

With spare keys, you don’t need to look for a key or carry it all the time, so you can leave your house quickly and easily. The spare keys are stored in a safe and accessible location near the door, such as a hidden warehouse, lock box, and keychain.

Review local rules:

Local rules can inform homeowners of legal and safety requirements when using double-cylinder deadbolts and smart locks in that region. Homeowners must review and follow local regulations before installing a double-cylinder deadbolt smart lock. If the regulation prohibits the use of such locks, you should consider other options, such as single-cylinder deadbolt smart lock or smart lock with thumb turn rotation.

Choose a reliable and secure smart lock:

A reliable and secure smart lock prevents or reduces the likelihood of malfunction or hacking, ensuring smooth and secure operation of the lock. The battery life is long, the connection is stable, the interface is easy to use. You should choose a smart lock with a solid encryption and authentication system. You also need to update your lock software and firmware regularly and change your password and settings frequently.

Comparison with traditional deadbolts

To compare double-cylinder deadbolts and smart locks with traditional deadbolts, we need to consider their security and functionality. Keys from both sides lock and unlock conventional deadbolts, which are mechanical devices. Traditional deadbolts can provide basic security levels, but also have the following drawbacks:

Comparison with traditional deadbolts

Easy to hit keys:

Bump keys can easily bump traditional deadbolts. This impairs the security of the house and makes it vulnerable to empty nests and intruders.

Unable to operate remotely:

Traditional deadbolts cannot be operated remotely, so it is necessary to lock and unlock using a key. You also cannot monitor the status or activity of the lock or allow or cancel access to other users. This may not only limit flexibility and convenience but also restrict awareness and management of home security. But you must the difference of single vs double cylinder deadbolt in-depth analysis.

Dependence on keys:

Traditional deadbolts rely on keys, which can be lost, stolen, or combined keys. It is also troublesome to carry and manage keys. There is also the possibility of loss, theft, and loss of keys.

Therefore, double-cylinder deadbolts and smart locks have higher security and functionality than conventional deadbolts and have other advantages and advantages. Double-cylinder deadbolt smart lock can provide a higher level of security, protection, convenience and customization, as well as remote access control and keyless entry.

Video Guidance:

Here is a video guidance for your assistance to learn about the best smart deadbolt lock:


In conclusion, we explained about the double-cylinder deadbolt smart lock that is a smart lock that has two cylinders on each side of the door to prevent unauthorized access from both sides. Double-cylinder deadbolt smart lock provides enhanced security and protection as well as additional benefits such as keyless entry, convenience and automation.  If you’re looking for a reliable professional locksmith service in Kansas City, we recommend contacting Patriot Locksmith. Patriot Locksmith is a locksmith with a license, warranty and insurance who specializes in the installation, repair and maintenance of smart locks. Patriot Locksmith will help you choose the best double-cylinder deadbolt smart lock for your home and install it with expertise and efficiency.

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