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Types of Anti Theft Devices: A Guide for Car Owners

Types of Anti Theft Devices

Vehicle theft is a severe problem affecting hundreds of thousands of car owners internationally. The International Association of Automotive Theft Investigators (IAATI) reported that thieves stole more than five million cars globally in 2023, with a predicted loss of more than $50 billion. Vehicle theft now not simplest causes financial damage, but additionally pose intellectual […]

How to Use Car Brake Pedal Lock to Protect from Thieves?

Car Brake Pedal Lock

Car theft and carjacking are severe and enormous troubles affecting tens of millions of automobile owners around the dome. According to global vehicle theft statistics, more than 5 five million cars were stolen in 2019, the best fee in Brazil, Mexico, and the USA. The protection and safety of the car are very essential, especially […]

How to Install a Catalytic Converter Theft Device in 2024?

Catalytic Converter Theft Device

Catalytic converters are hooked up in automobile exhaust structures to lessen dangerous emissions and enhance gas efficiency. This catalytic converter theft device is a crucial element in fulfilling car environmental standards and rules. However, catalytic converters also are targets of theft agencies that sell at excessive expenses on the black market. This is due to […]

How Wireless GPS Vehicle Tracker Can Save Your Day?

Wireless GPS Vehicle Tracker

In a fast-paced modern-day society, ensuring vehicle protection and protection is a top priority for each people and company. The historical background of GPS generation dates back to the development of the U.S. Department of Defense for military navigation in the Seventies. Since then, GPS technology has been extensively followed in various fields, including transportation. […]

How to Protect Your Valuables with Anti Theft Sensors?

Protect Your Valuables with Anti Theft Sensors

Have your valuables ever been stolen or left behind in a public place? If so, why no longer recollect using an anti-robbery sensor to monitor and safely shop crucial items? Anti-theft sensors are gadgets that could stumble on unauthorized motion take matters out and motivate warnings and reactions. Anti-robbery sensors can save you or save […]

How to Handle Trunk Lockout like a Pro?

How to handle trunk lockout

The trunk of the car is an extra garage space for storing baggage and carrying bags adequately. However, trunk clocks won’t be characteristic due to numerous causes inclusive of trunk seize harm, sensor malfunction, key rotation failure, actuator failure, and many others. When you get trunk lockout, this makes it inconvenient, impairs the automobile’s safety, […]

The Best Portable Security Door Lock in 2024

Best Portable Security Door Lock

Whether you’re visiting, staying at a hotel, renting an apartment, or residing in a frat house, why not recollect acquiring a portable security door lock? Anyone can attach this tool to any door easily and prevent unauthorized entry even if someone has a key or card. Portable safety door locks are getting greater famous and […]

How to Protect Your store with Anti Shoplifting Devices?

Protect Your store with Anti Shoplifting Devices

Do you know that shoplifting damages quantity to about $50 billion annually inside the United States? This is a superb quantity that ought to be used to develop the enterprise, pay employees and enhance customer service. Shoplifting is a problem not simplest for shops, but also for customers who pay a high fee to cover […]

How to Install and Maintain an Anti Burglar Alarm?

How to Install and Maintain an Anti Burglar Alarm

Anti Burglar alarms are gadgets that hit upon and alert unauthorized entry and access into the premises. It typically consists of a control panel, a sensor, a siren, and a communique system. Sensors are placed at strategic points to stumble on all actions and openings, which include doorways, windows, and places touchy to human movement. […]

5 Best Car Theft Prevention Devices That Work in 2024

Best Car Theft Prevention Devices

Car robbery is a critical hassle affecting hundreds of thousands of vehicle owners around the world. Victims can be stricken by financial loss, mental distress and inconvenience. According to the Global Traffic Safety Report 2023, four million cars international were stolen by using 2022, at a median charge of one in six seconds. The record […]